how to use the interest in drawing for developing his English writing/ Comprehension skills

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schooling123 Thu 14-Feb-19 05:07:15

My DS 7 yo loves drawing, just anything from aliens to submarines etc. I wonder who to bring this element for developing his English writing/ Comprehension skills. I tried storyboard, tried drawing images to the text that was read...anything other activities that I could do please? Thank you

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user789653241 Thu 14-Feb-19 09:06:32

My ds loves drawing too. He does a lot of doodling with some captions, or write comics.
Also makes extensive list of things with drawing(mainly game monsters/weapons/armors) with added stats, explanations in details, etc., to make his own strategy books.
He does draw image of his imagination(again, mainly game related) and write an original story about it.

whatsleep Sat 16-Feb-19 18:05:30

Search the internet for Pie Corbett, Talk for writing. It’s very popular in primary schools! Your son might enjoy story boarding.

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