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Kay1773 Tue 29-May-18 12:35:40

Hi girls,

I am moving to Maidenhead in September 2018, with my 14 year ds and 9 year old dd. I have been offered a job here. I am looking into area and schools, also got a lot of information from the thread. I have a few queries:

1. My dd is fluent in English, currently studying English National Curriculum. How are faith schools in the area? Specially St Edmund Campion and St. Mary's primary schools? What about St Luke's?
2. Is there school transport for 9 year old or will I have to pick and drop her?
3. How is Desborough college for my 14-year old ds?
4. Is area safe for a teenager to walk into town centre?
5. How is renting in the area? I want to rent a 3-bedroom house, how much that would roughly cost?
6. Which areas are good for raising a family?

Thanks a lot.

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