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mummyandmeart Mon 02-Apr-18 22:10:33


As many of you will be aware primary schools are suffering huge cuts across all departments and arts funding especially has been affected. I graduated from Leeds college of Art last year with a first class honours degree and I really wanted to go into teaching but due to every single teacher friend of mine quitting in the last two years I've decided against it. Also, our circumstances have changed drastically so going on to do my masters is near impossible due to working full time.
Education is hugely important to me and the cuts are appalling and I honestly believe that these will affect children negatively. a pilot scheme, I suppose you could say, I'm going to be hosting art lessons via live streaming, and 'how to' methods on my fb page - mummy and me art.
This isn't a business. I'm not looking at selling anything, I'm keeping as much of the materials as low cost as possible, often using natural or recycled materials and this is simply because I love doing this with my daughter and I can see the benefits. I'm hoping to get some local galleries involved too and hopefully giving me access to some exhibitions where I can promote them. Art engages children in thinking critically, using cognitive reasoning and problem solving which can translate to other subjects. I've posted a load of seasonal previous projects on the fb page, and I'll be posting once a week most likely from now on. Starting with simple drawing techniques, this will progress to exploring different artists, art movements and general fun stuff.
I'm hoping if this is successful and I get a decent response - and mainly that people like it! I will progress to portfolio building which will be aimed at 13-16 year olds. Please check out the fb page and if you have any ideas about what you would like to see there I would really appreciate it. Also, please be honest about whether you think you would be willing to do some of these activities yourselves. Thank you so much for reading. Nik x

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