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Sex in Year 4

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Typist1967 Thu 22-Mar-18 10:49:32

I'm not convinced that a video showing an erection is actually appropriate for an 8 (nearly 9) year old girl ... doesn't matter how many love hearts are sprinkled around ... Our Year 4s have started to cover the bits and bobs, and that's okay, and mine's interested and entertained by it, but a film on the nitty & gritty of sex and birth (from start to finish), I'm just not sure. Maybe when they're a bit older. We have a choice as to whether they watch, and am seriously undecided. Anyone have an opinion? Help!

EduCated Thu 22-Mar-18 10:56:06

Personally I think the earlier children learn these things in a factual and calm manner the better - much better than learning half truths from the playground, or seeing it as something mysterious (and therefore, more attractive).

BikeRunSki Thu 22-Mar-18 11:02:39

I have a Y4 son (9). I wookdnt prevent him from seeing this film, but I would appreciate the fore warning.

SleepySheepy Thu 22-Mar-18 11:10:56

Blimey, my DS is in year 3, so only a year away and he still thinks bums and willy's are hilarious. It's hard to imagine him learning about sex in a years time. I'm not saying it's wrong, I just can't imagine it.

reluctantbrit Thu 22-Mar-18 11:18:38

DD knew the gritty bits since she was 6. She asked and got an honest answer,

The less we make a huge fuss about sex the better. DD’s school did something like this beginning of Y5 and just informed parents about the content and gave us a link to see the videos first. According to my daughter the whole class was giggling all the way through the sessions.

CatMuffin Thu 22-Mar-18 11:23:08

Is it the one with Leon and Kadie? Ours watch that in year 5. A couple of people withdrew their kids as they thought it was inappropriate or in one case because the mum thought it would give her dd ideas about having sex earlier than she would have done otherwise. I didn't. I was ok with dc knowing about it.

sirfredfredgeorge Thu 22-Mar-18 11:27:46

and therefore, more attractive

So you're saying show more erect penises to make them less attractive... sounds reasonable!

I'm very surprised there was giggling, that suggests to me that the functional aspect was too late, not too early, mirth suggests the taboos around it are already significant in the groups, and I don't think the taboos on discussing it are a good thing, so earlier the better.

EduCated Thu 22-Mar-18 11:31:24

grin when you put it like that!

Typist1967 Thu 22-Mar-18 11:32:32

I know I heard about it all from my older brother's mate in the cloakroom at primary school. Not the most educational [or accurate] description haha but I don't think it really mattered ... in the long run anyway. I agree SleepySheepy that "bits" are freaking hilarious, and absolutely long may that reign for you guy. And, for me that's where the niggle lies. School is turning something that should always be fun, - and like the best fun ever if you're lucky - into facts. For kids who are still learning the 6 times table. I don't know, maybe I'm just old-fashioned. Or something.

upsideup Thu 22-Mar-18 11:37:11

My kids have known about sex and giving birth since they were todlers, they are all normal happy children, nothing they have been told at school or by friends has ever shocked or upset them, they have never been told untrue things thats scared or confused them. If you have more than one child then how did the baby get int there and how is the baby going to get out are questions you are going to have to answer. I think suddenly springing all this stuff on them when they are older like its some huge deal that you have had to hide and protect them for so far will be harder for them to understand.

italiancortado Thu 22-Mar-18 11:40:05

I don't know what video you are talking about so it's hard to comment.

Animated - acceptable in the context

Someone's home wank movie - not acceptable

Typist1967 Thu 22-Mar-18 11:41:45

upsideup, great answer.

CatMuffin Thu 22-Mar-18 11:49:23

School is turning something that should always be fun, - and like the best fun ever if you're lucky - into facts.
I'm not sure what you mean by that. In the video I'm thinking of sex was presented as fun, with the animated man chasing the animated woman with a feather. Was it that one? The lovehearts sprinkled around sounds similar

CatMuffin Thu 22-Mar-18 11:55:18

Channel 4 Living and Growing is the one with the lovehearts. It's on youtube posted by the Daily Mail who disapproved of it

Cotswoldmama Thu 22-Mar-18 11:59:36

I think the earlier the better. I remember my dad getting the family doctor book out when I was about 6 and my sister 4 and telling us about sex. I didn't get any sex education at school until year six. My sister was then obsessed with family doctor book and we had to get it out every weekend that we saw our dad!

Typist1967 Thu 22-Mar-18 12:14:30

loving this thread, thank you so much for the advice! After my early intro in the primary school cloakroom, I went to a convent school where sex ed was off the agenda the 5th year (*cough*), anything remotely resembling a penis was disregarded entirely, and the decrepit nun leading the discussion referred to ladybits as the vegeeeeeeenah. Perhaps I'm scarred ... haha !

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