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Glendale Primary - glasgow - opinions

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holdingpattern Wed 08-Nov-17 23:06:10

Hi, I might be moving into the area covered by Glendale Primary in Glasgow. Talking to people the school seems to be well regarded. At one point over subscribed (not this year). HMIE report vague but good.

However a few niggles appear in my mind, and was hoping anyone with experience might help clear my mind.

1. Met with the HT, but she seemed okay, but very fixed in her opinions.
2. Spoke to a few people who said the school is beautiful but don't be fooled by the building. Said the staff are fine until you disagree with them, then they become jobsworths.
3. Spoke to another person who said as long as you are okay, its fine, but the staff do not go the extra mile, and the support staff are more interested in chatting to each other not monitoring the playground.
4. One person said they are very keen to get kids labelled as requiring additional support.

I visited the other local school, and the building was old very old (off putting), but the HT was so welcoming and willing to talk and discuss in complete contrast to surly reception and officious HT in Glendale.

So any honest opinions?

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