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Ireland primary types-which one

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TheDogAteMyHomeworkagain Tue 17-Oct-17 20:59:09

Hi there, we have a very good educate together, gaelscoil & catholic school. Kids are baptised so we have no preference religionwise & if we go for the ET there is a weekly class to prepare for communion.
Each is a short drive away so distance isn't an issue & all have good reputations.
We know the catholic school is very good at stretching more able children, our dc1 is very competent & enjoys learning immensely, we want to know are ET's known for being good at differentiating work & stretching more able students? We need to make up our minds soon.
If you have any kids in a Gaelscoil or ET can you ket me know your experiences good or bad & what school you would choose. We can't view any of the 3 schools until we have formally accepted a place & paid deposits, oversubscribed so they don't do opendays...

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