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Reading recommendations for 7yo

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EekThreek Sun 15-Oct-17 12:38:58

DD is 7, in Y3.

She's been a free reader since early Y2, and I need help finding other stuff for her to read! She's stuck in a loop of the rainbow fairies, Jacqueline Wilson and Roald Dahl, and there's so much else to enjoy!!

I've tried her with my old Enid Blyton books, and she's not fussed. I don't think she's emotionally ready for Harry Potter - especially book 3 onwards - although I can't wait to share these with her!

I've got my old copies of The Dark Is Rising series by Susan Cooper, but I think they're going to be a bit dark for her too at the moment. Unless I'm being a bit overprotective? blush I don't know until she tries, but I don't want to scare her. God that sounds PFB! blush

What else do 7yos like?

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sun 15-Oct-17 12:53:18

Dick King Smith
Mr Majieka series
How to Train Your Dragon

Lowdoorinthewal1 Sun 15-Oct-17 13:03:47

DS's school issue reading lists. These are the books the Y3s can choose from for their school reading book for classroom reading time. Sorry its a bit jumbled. Maybe some ideas on there.


Sally Gardner
The Invisible Boy
The Smallest Girl Ever
The Strongest Girl in the World The Boy With the Lightning Feet The Boy With Magic Numbers The Smallest Girl in the World The Boy Who Could Fly Lucy Willow

Magdalene Nabb
The Enchanted Horse Josie Smith Josie Smith at School Josie Smith at the Seaside Josie Smith and Eileen Josie Smith in Hospital Josie Smith at Christmas Josie Smith at the Market Josie Smith and Eileen Josie Smith in Summer Josie Smith in Winter Josie Smith in Spring Josie Smith in Autumn

Jill Tomlinson
The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark The Otter Who Wanted to Know The Aardvark Who Wasn’t Sure The Cat Who Wanted to Go Home The Penguin Who Wanted to Find Out The Gorilla Who Wanted to Grow Up

Enid Blyton
The Adventures of the Wishing Chair The Wishing Chair Again More Wishing Chair Stories

A.A. Milne Winnie- the- Pooh The House at Pooh Corner

Dick King Smith
The Hodgeheg Smasher The Fox Busters The Sheep Pig George Speaks School Mouse

Jenny Nimmo
The Night of the Unicorn The Stone Mouse The Owl Tree

Humphrey Carpenter
Mr. Majeika Mr. Majeika and the Dinner Lady Mr. Majeika and the GhostTrain Mr. Majeika and the Haunted Hotel Mr. Majeika and the Lost Spell Book Mr. Majeika and the Music Teacher

Geraldine McCaughrean
Cowboy Jess Cowboy Jess Saddles Up

Jill Murphy
The Worst Witch The Worst Witch Strikes Again A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch The Worst Witch All at Sea The Worst Witch Saves the Day The Worst Witch to the Rescue The Worst Witch at School The Worst Witch and the Wishing Star

Michael Morpurgo
The Butterfly Lion The Dancing Bear I Believe in Unicorns Dear Olly Torro, Torro The Marble Crusher

Anne Fine
How to Write Really Badly A Sudden Puff of Glittering Smoke Genie, Genie The Diary of a Killer Cat How to Cross the Road and Not Turn into a Pizza

Harry Horse
The Last Castaways The Last Cowboys The Last Polar Bears

Cressida Cowell
How to Train Your Dragon How to be a Pirate How to Speak Dragonese

How to Cheat a Dragon’s Curse How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm How to Break a Dragon’s Heart How to Steal a Dragon’s Sword The Day of the Dreader How to Seize a Dragon’s Hero How to Betray a Dragon’s Hero How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury The Complete Book of Dragons: A Guide to Dragon Species A Journal of Heroes

Roald Dahl
Fantastic Mr. Fox The Twits The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me Esiotrot The B.F.G.

Jeff Brown
Flat Stanley Invisible Stanley Stanley Flat, Again! Stanley in Space Flat Stanley’s World Wide Adventures 1-4 Flat Stanley: The Japanese Ninja Surprise

Helen Cresswell
The Little Grey Donkey

Dorothy Edwards
My Naughty Little Sister My Naughty Little Sister and Bad Harry My Naughty Little Sister’s Friends More Naughty Little Sister Stories

Catherine Storr Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf
Lucy Daniels
Little Animal Ark (there are nearly 100 Animal Ark titles to follow on if you like these) The Playful Puppy The Curious Kitten The Midnight Mouse The Brave Bunny The Clever Cat The Party Pony The Lucky Lamb The Cheeky Chick The Happy Hamster The Proud Piglet The Fearless Fox The Friendly Foal

Rosemary Manning Green Smoke

Ian Whybrow
Little Wolf, Pack Leader Little Wolf’s Book of Badness Robin Hood’s Best Shot A Footballer Called Flip Alex the Walking Accident There’s a Spell up my Nose Through the Cat-flap The Boy Who Had (Nearly) Everything The Knights of the Brown Table Aliens Stole My Boy Racer

Steve Cole Astrosaurs series Riddle of the Raptors The Hatching Horror The Seas of Doom The Mind-Swap Menace The Skies of Fear etc.

Adam Blade Any Beast Quest Book

Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler
Sam Silver, Undercover Pirate: Skeleton Island The Ghost Ship Kidnapped The Deadly Trap Dragon Fire The Double-Cross The Great Rescue The Treasure Map

Kjartan Poskitt
Urgum the Axeman Urgum and the Sea of Flames Urgum and the Goo Goo Bah

Misty9 Sun 15-Oct-17 21:28:27

Ds, 6, can't read them himself yet but is loving the project x alien adventures series. Cheap on book people at the moment too smile

brilliotic Sun 15-Oct-17 22:25:44

If you think you are strong enough, you could always let her read the first HP book then make her wait a year for each sequel ...

DS (also 7/Y3) is currently into Astrid Lindgren. He adores 'Ronia the Robber's Daughter' and we'll be moving on to the Karlsson and the Emil books soon.

'Penny Dreadful is a Magnet for Disaster' has been well received too, and tonight he was giggling his way through a 'Dennis the Menace' book.

DS also enjoys series 'written' by celebrities such as the Flying Fergus series (Chris Hoy) and Bear Grylls Adventure series.

Mostly though it seems to depend on what his friends at school are reading. A lot of their playing seems to revolve around book storylines so it helps to have read what the others have!

Dixiestampsagain Mon 16-Oct-17 02:42:01

Great suggestions here- my DD is also 7 and has done the Rescue Princesses and all the Daisy Meadows etc to death. She likes Enid Blyton at the moment and isn't ready for Harry Potter etc but needs something different, so we'll try some of the suggestions! (Another Dark is Rising fan here- one of the'stand out' books from my childhood!).

Norestformrz Mon 16-Oct-17 06:55:52

Cressida Cowell has a new book/series The Wizards of Once

Chris Riddells Goth Girl series

Philip Reeve/Sarah Mcintyre Pugs if the Frozen North and Oliver and the Seawigs

A F Harold Fizzlebert Stump series and new Greta Zargo

Didiplanthis Mon 16-Oct-17 10:04:48

My reluctant reader yr 3 dd is loving the worst witch and also loves the jill Tomlinson books ( owl who was afraid of the dark etc ). They are the first books she has ever picked up for fun.

GU24Mum Mon 16-Oct-17 10:07:45

I've given my 6yo my old copy of Rumer Godden "Miss Happiness and Miss Flower" and a couple of others which she has enjoyed.

catkind Mon 16-Oct-17 10:20:46

Some great lists here!
We also love Jill Tomlinson, The Worst Witch, How to Train your Dragon, Clever Polly and the Stupid Wolf.

Has anyone mentioned Pippi Longstocking? Ottoline? My two are big fans of Jeremy Strong.

More cartooney things like 13 Storey Treehouse and Tom Gates, and actual cartoons like Beano annuals or Asterix are also popular.

TheGonnagle Mon 16-Oct-17 10:31:48

We're reading Chris Ridell's Goth Girl and Ottoline series at the moment. She has also really enjoyed reading the Tintin graphic novels.

Sirzy Mon 16-Oct-17 10:36:53

Ds loves David Walliams books - they really helped him to find a love of reading.

BlueChampagne Mon 16-Oct-17 13:47:32

Definitely save The Dark is Rising for a couple of years.

To add to the excellent lists so far:
Sophie and the Shadow Woods
Archie Greene series (Potter-esque but not so dark)

Blankscreen Mon 16-Oct-17 14:34:36

I loved the Ramona books when I was 7.

Theres quite a few in the series.

EekThreek Sun 29-Oct-17 09:47:25

Sorry, didn't mean to post and ditch.

There's some cracking suggestions here, thank you so much! She's read a few of the worst witch books, but they're not her favourite. She seems to like David Williams, so I'll find some more of those.

Completely forgot about Michael Morpurgo, so I'll definitely try those.

I gave her HP yesterday, and she's already 4 chapters in. I've warned her that it might get too much from book 3 onwards, so we'll see how she gets on.

Thank you!

Rose0 Sun 29-Oct-17 17:02:03

My DD (8) has just finished all the Harry Potter series and still loves them (though she did take a bit longer to get into the fourth).

She also loves anything bu Enid Blyton (confused), Michael Morpurgo, Sally Gardner, Frank Cottrell Boyce (“Cosmic” is one of her all time favourites). She loves The Sophie Stories (they’re delightful!), Tom Gates, Pippi Longstocking, Mrs Pepperpot, The Peppermint Pig, the Little House on the Prairie series and devoured Little Women lately. Although she also loves The Worst Witch, so they may have slightly different taste - I think she just likes boarding school stories. Her absolute favourite is The Penderwick Series by Jeanne Birdsall - which I would absolutely recommend! Gorgeous books with wonderful characters. The whole family has loved them (even DS16 and DD18 read the newer ones despite being way too old!)

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