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Aldenham x Edge Grove

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Petitgateau Sun 08-Oct-17 09:31:38

Hi MNs! I'd love to hear from parents in both schools, as we are trying a to decide between them. Also I'd love to hear from parents who had the experience of moving a child from a state school to an independent school. What's the biggest difference(s) you've found? Our DS will be Year 3 in September and we have 2 outstanding state schools in our catchment area, but we are considering an independent school mainly because of the number of kids in the class, the after school activities and the preparation for 11+ exams. But we aren't really sure yet if it worth the money we'll spent. Should we keep your DS in an outstanding state school and have a tutor or an independent school will be much better for his overall development? We're finding it really hard to decide. Thanks in advance!

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