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Primary School in Cambereley

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Bsalt Sat 02-Sep-17 08:33:49


My family is moving to camberley and we looking for a primary school for our daughter . As we are moving in the school year -( last minute work posting) we are having to do an in year application.
She will be joining reception.

Many schools have long waiting lists - Prior Heath and St Augustine .

There are four school that the waiting lists are not huge .

Cross Farm- does not seem to any reviews from parents online . It gained an Outstanding Ofsted report about 12 years ago

Crawley Ridge Infants school . Seems popular

Heather Ridge - again seems popular

Loraine - our nearest school - but not a lot of information about it.

Any help, thoughts or advice would be really useful and appreciated.

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Witchend Sun 03-Sep-17 14:04:45

A lot of the schools round there are infant/juniors rather than primary. I'm assuming you're looking at infant level. I have connections to the area, and know the reputations of the schools.

Prior Heath Infants yes popular, but has some movement. They tend to fluctuate with Heather Ridge, so one year one is more popular, next year other is. They tend to have an attitude they're better than HR, but as far as any external people can see they are pretty similar and certainly have no reason for that attitude.
St Augustine is a Catholic primary. However often does get spaces at infant level. Worth getting on the waiting list even if you're not Catholic as I know a few who have got in-year spaces there.
Cross Farm infants don't know the school, however the head is brilliant smile
Crawley Ridge Infants school this is an interesting one. Historically both this and the juniors were seriously popular. School people lied and begged to get in to and admissions were down to a few metres at times. There is priority to get into the juniors. However the juniors had a seriously bad inspection last summer, so tread carefully. Unless you're living very close then you're unlikely to get into the infants anyway, as they're still popular.
Heather Ridge nice friendly Infants. Some movement, but very popular, you're unlikely to get in unless you live on Heatherside or very nearby. Unusually has it's own swimming pool. I think from next September it is linked for admission with Ravenscote Junior School.
Loraine infants generally considered to be avoid at all cost. Sorry.

Any help, thoughts or advice would be really useful and appreciated

You've missed out The Grove which is a primary school with not a brilliant reputation. However people I've known who are there are very happy with it. There are often spaces, and it's often used by the army people so there is a certain amount of movement. I think it's certainly worth looking at. It's definitely above Loraine.
Others like Lightwater Infants are not too far away, don't know them really.

The ones (if you're near Loraine) I'd look at are:
Cross Farm (I think they often have some spaces)
The Grove (usually have some spaces)
And get on the waiting list for any of the others you like the look of, because you never know.

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