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Wren Academy

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Njco Sun 25-Jun-17 09:17:28

Hi there
Looking for options on the Wren Academy Primary in Finchley.
Being Jewish, and this being a C of E school, I wondered if there are many Jewish kids there. The mission statement says they are all inclusive of other faiths, but first hand info would be useful.
We are looking to potentially move to a house right opposite the school.

shakemysilliesout Sun 25-Jun-17 19:55:08

Hi, I don't know any Jewish children at the school but I don't tend to talk about faith with people at the gates. I know there are atheists, Christians and Muslims, but I only know/assume this as some people have discussed fasting recently. It is very welcoming and I believe they pray 3 times a day and focus on a Christian value each term. We are very happy with the school, it is stricter than other primaries and has good long-term prospects as it goes to yr 13. I am Christian so the faith element appeals to me, I think you have to weigh up how much it bothers you, but the school is very mixed and welcoming. I appreciate catchment areas are so small so you would only have the option of summerside locally to the house you consider. Perhaps ask around about summerside too?

Njco Mon 26-Jun-17 21:27:57

Hi there

Thanks for the feedback. I am planning to go to the open day next month, so will hopefully be able to get a clearer picture then if this will be the right fit for us.

septembermel Sat 22-Jul-17 04:36:10

Hi, my daughter goes there and I am Jewish although not observant. There are a few other Jewish kids in the class but it's a mixed bag of faiths - It is pretty C of E though.

We are very happy with the quality of the school and teaching and my daughter has flourished there in her Reception year.

Waney Sat 16-Sep-17 10:38:30

Septembermel can I ask how close you live to the school, having gained a community place? Do you know how far the catchment area is for foundation places? thanks

septembermel Wed 13-Dec-17 04:10:17

Hi I’ve just seen this message. I love around 0.4 mikes from the school as the crow flies but it’s actually longer in distance. Think the catchment area narrowed considerably the year after us though!

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