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Feeling Frustrated?!

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dm86 Thu 30-Mar-17 00:28:02

My DD is 9 and year 4. She has always struggled throughout school and it does not come easy to her at all.

I have to say I did believe the school would be doing what they thought was best and have it under control. When she started year 3 I decided enough was enough and I pulled the school up and asked what was going on and what were they doing about it. They issued her with an IEP at this point and referred her to the EP.

The EP decided there was no learning difficulty even though she was nearly 2 years behind where she should be. The teacher stated this was because there was no money in the LA and they therefore couldn't afford to diagnose her.

We've always had an idea she is dyslexic as her dad is. She can manage to read but often guesses at words and can not spell at all. But even her memory,numbers,telling the time,organisation is all affected.

We decided to get her assessed privately with dyslexia action. This confirmed what we thought. The teacher then produced an IEP in October last year with all the suggestions used from the report. She can also have a 'reader' now during exams.

We have just had parents evening and for the last assessments she scores lower by a large margin than anyone else in the class. It really concerns me as either the school aren't doing enough or what is being done is obviously not helping.

Quick list of problems below and then I'll finish as my post is getting too long! Am I justified to call a meeting with the head, teacher and SENDco and see where I go from here? And what would I say at this meeting?

These are some notes I'm making for when I speak with the school:
Problems only acknowledged during parents evening Oct/Nov 2015 when I stated I was fed up of the previous year/teachers being blamed and still no progress.
Two IEP's since Oct/Nov 2015 - last one October 2016
Lack of communication
Has her basic knowledge improved since year 2? I feel she is Static? homework rarely given
Sporadic spellings - Last IEP stated she would get 5 spellings every other week now she has 10 every week again after none since before Christmas?
She is forgetful (symptom of dyslexia) I have asked if we can ensure she is getting reading books etc but most nights she has forgot or didn't have time.
I feel frustrated
Need guidance and feel like I'm getting none

Thanks blush

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