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Nursery/Prep School-North London

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HamHighMum Sun 19-Mar-17 18:20:35

DC is at Montessori in Muswell Hill. Want to move her next year (Sept, age 3/4) to Highgate School. Not sure we want her to move into Norfolk House from Montessori. Working on application to Highgate and would appreciate any advice/tips/guidance. As a Plan B what other schools are in the area (Hampstead/Highgate). Any views on Norfolk House? Getting mixed reports. Thanks

CruCru Mon 20-Mar-17 15:39:51

Other schools that have a pre Reception year (that I know of) in Hampstead are Devonshire House (this has entry at 3+ and 4+) and Sarum House (all girls, entry is at 3+).

I don't know Norfolk House.

Do you specifically want a school that has a 3+ entry or are you looking at all schools? If you chose a school with a 4+ entry, would you be happy to leave her where she is?

HamHighMum Mon 20-Mar-17 15:56:30

Hi CruCru:
It is for a son not a girl. I am looking at pre-reception and also reception. Currently at Montessori and Norfolk House but it gets mixed reports and so want to move DC. Ideally would like Highgate School and would appreciate any guidance/tips/advice when filling up application. But need to have a plan B and therefore investigating other choices. The natural progression where he is now will be to go from Montessori to Norfolk House. But, as I said, that gets mixed reports. Thanks

CruCru Tue 21-Mar-17 07:47:52

Ah, I see. I don't have children at Highgate but I'm sure someone else will be able to help.

Are you registered with any other schools? There are quite a few I could mention but if you haven't already registered, it may not be that helpful.

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