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Girls preps - Bute, Ken Prep, Putney High, etc.

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SnowmanDoughman Sat 18-Mar-17 14:37:54

I am looking at SW London schools for DD. We are planning on moving so location not an issue.
Supposing she got places at Bute, Ken Prep, Putney High, Glendower or Garden House, which would you go for? Or let me know of any other recommendations
We are keen on academics but want somewhere with lots more going on too, lots of opportunities to be involved and a really happy atmosphere. Not too worried as to whether it is an all-through or switch at 11+ - too young to know what is right.
I am finding just the shortlisting a minefield as there are so many options and so little difference between them all.

RoccoW14 Sun 19-Mar-17 10:27:46

Have you 1) read the school reports on ISI, Good Schools Guide and Tatler; 2) visited the schools; 3) reviewed the school admissions policies; and 4) had a look at their websites?

They're all very highly regarded schools and it'd be a matter of personal taste as to which is best for your daughter.

SnowmanDoughman Sun 19-Mar-17 11:50:31

Thanks Rocco. We have done so. I have a slight preference for schools with outdoor space. I recognise some are probably slightly easier to get into (Bute being impossible, Ken Prep more likely) due to number of spaces.
Any comments on the differences would be gratefully received. We have got the gist of it from websites etc but would appreciate parents comments on pros/cons and recommendations.

RoccoW14 Sun 19-Mar-17 15:08:21

It depends on what year you're applying for. Some schools only have a realistic chance of getting a place if you're putting your daughter's name down for them at birth i.e. Pembridge Hall.

Personally, I would apply for all three of Kensington Prep, Glendower and Falkner House. The first of those three accept registration until just before the assessments take place and the other two seem to close their lists a year or more in advance.

Putney and Wimbledon are two other selective entry schools, although probably a little less competitive than the three I mentioned above.

I'm not sure if going for assessments at all five is necessary. You could probably narrow down to three or four. I think if your daughter will be offered a spot at a selective entry school, it's likely she'll get more than one offer. Conversely, the opposite could well be true - they're probably all looking for much the same thing. You wouldn't want to put all eggs in the one basket though, as your daughter could have an off day.

You should also look at some non-selective entry schools, although they're often offered in order of registration.. so early application often helps.

There's also no harm putting your daughter in the ballot for Bute House.

Do you have a preference for coed or girls schools?

SnowmanDoughman Sun 19-Mar-17 16:04:19

Thank you
We are keen on girls only. DD is 2 so it is early although perhaps not early enough for Pembridge.
Obviously we have no idea if she is academically right for these kinds of schools as she is so young and will only be entering her if we feel it is right when the time comes.
I wanted info on the actual nitty gritty details of the schools - what are the less obvious differences in things like parents, teaching style, opportunities, competitiveness etc.
Is Bute House a bit more down to earth than the others due to its location...despite being highly academic and the 'sought after' school for SPGS later on. Any info at all much appreciated!

Lalalandfill Mon 20-Mar-17 08:44:12

Its highly unlikely people will have children at several of these schools and can do direct comparisons

I wouldn't ask strangers on the internet for advice, I'd go and see them and decide which appeals to you and which suits you best location wise

All I'll say is I wouldn't describe Bute parents in the main as down to earth, but there are many exceptions to that. You're unlikely to get in to Bute at 4

RoccoW14 Mon 20-Mar-17 16:03:21

Agree with that - it'll be almost impossible to get, from a wide enough cross section of parents, objective information of the type you're after.

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