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Moving in with the in laws

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happyclays Tue 31-Jan-17 15:15:14

Hi there
I live in Wales, but money is too tight (to mention) and our only option left seems to be to live with my husbands' parents who live in Essex.
We plan to move over the summer holidays.
The only major pitfall so far is the nearest 3 schools i have contacted say they dont have room for any of my 3 children (who will be 8,5 and 5 by then).
To apply to the LA I have to provide proof of address - we arent buying or renting - so can our parents in law provide this.
Ive rang Essex and my current county education department and ive gone around in circles with no answers. My current county said on the phone to send an email to them as they cant deal with that over the phone - which ive done.

I'm so worried that I wont get them into a school now that my tummy hurts.
Any advice would be gladly received

SavoyCabbage Tue 31-Jan-17 18:44:19

Ask them to put your names on the council tax?

I ended up with no school place for my year 4 child when we moved. It was a nightmare but we got there in the end and you can't let it stop you moving and doing what is best for your family.

BertPuttocks Tue 31-Jan-17 19:05:55

Our council tax bill includes a list of everyone who is liable for paying it, ie all the adults in the house. Your in-laws should be able to add you to theirs.

I think they also usually accept benefit letters. So if you receive child benefit or tax credits you would have those transferred to your new address, and have the letters to prove it.

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