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St Mary's Hampstead

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dontbutme Fri 27-Jan-17 12:44:25

Any up to date opinions on St Mary's with new head? What is academic standards like? Does the school assist with making choices for Secondary Schools (in terms of guidance, speaking to future Heads etc) ? Any info please?

WDPP Wed 08-Feb-17 00:17:38

I have a daughter at this school, in one of the lower years so we haven't grappled with senior school choices yet. Have been seriously impressed both by the school and the new head. Academic standards are very high and parents who shun the school for being non-selective are missing a trick. The school is very Catholic in its ethos so you would have to be happy with that. But the girls are happy, parents are involved and they are learning at an incredible rate. Highly recommended so far. Oh, and the facilities are amazing for the local area too- so much space.

dontbutme Fri 10-Feb-17 12:53:41

Thanks WPDD for getting back to me. Can I ask you about that "Catholic ethos" - I have no problem with Christian values but worry about the school being conservative about the place of girls in the world - leading to the role of women? Or is it not that old-school Catholicism? Do they teach girls to be strong and independent?
Also, do you have any idea how connected the new Head is to the network of private schools - will she be able to support applications and future schools etc?

Lastly, since it's not selective - do you feel that / know if the girls at the top end of the class is getting stretched as much as the ones at the bottom - often the emphasis is so much on the ones struggling that the brighter ones are left to do their own thing.

WDPP Sat 11-Feb-17 20:50:41

The new head is thinking v carefully about what mind set girls need to adopt to take on any career in the future- she is all about "academic risk taking".
In my experience St Mary's is a v rigorous school in terms of academics. They have high expectations of the girls and work them hard. But - they also remember to have fun (a disco day in Jan for example) and they teach them to be kind.
I have no sense that children aren't appropriately stretched according to their ability.
I wouldn't worry about it not being selective. Most girls need to be stretched in some things and supported more in others and my feeling is that the school is good at doing both.

JamDonutsRule Fri 17-Feb-17 18:26:58

OP, I know a little about the Head. Want to PM me with questions?

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