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Edinburgh p1 reg week

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worriedabouthimagain Sat 29-Oct-16 18:16:28

Can someone explain it to me please as I have no clue also I don't have any bills due to having meters and online statements so what can I bring? Thanks

TheTroubleWithAngels Sat 29-Oct-16 19:12:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

teainbed Sat 29-Oct-16 19:15:00

You must have a council tax certificate? They can send you a duplicate if you need it.

Groovee Sat 29-Oct-16 19:18:18

Phone your catchment school to find out their drop in times or make an appointment. Some bills can be printed off with your address from your online account. We still get a gas bill for address as I need them for PVG updates etc.

worriedabouthimagain Sat 29-Oct-16 19:44:49

Thanks we need council tax notice and some bill . I will be near a Vodafone shop tomorrow and I'd see about getting a bill then if not I'd print off all online statements and hope for the best. Thanks

Groovee Sat 29-Oct-16 20:58:41

Don't forget the birth certificate.

worriedabouthimagain Mon 31-Oct-16 23:13:54

Hi am updating just in case someone reads it with the same problem.i called the school today (leith primary school ) and they said the birth certificate with the council tax bill will be OK.

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