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High March (Beaconsfield) or Maltman's Green (Chalfont St Peter)

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Laurica17 Thu 13-Oct-16 20:50:14

Hi ladies. I live in Chalfont St Peter and I have twin girls. I am aware this question was asked before but I would like to see if there are new opinions on which school is better. My priorities are for the girls to develop academically (11+ is the aim) but I also want them to become confident, caring and appreciative of others.

I would definitely find it a huge advantage that Maltman's Green is closer, however I would not consider taking my girls there if they focus only on the high flyers. I hear amazing things about High March.

Of course, the fact that High March is slightly cheaper, is also an advantage.

Do you have any recent experiences of these schools?

Thank you for sharing your experiences with me.


bojorojo Fri 14-Oct-16 02:17:43

If you look at the 11 plus results, High March have a higher pass rate - 80%. So you could argue that they are more academic and would you want to be in the 20% who didn't pass? Maltmans is 60%. You also have a brilliant state C of E school in the village and the best independent school for girls is Godstowe at High Wycombe. Most Bucks independent schools that only go to age 11 focus on the 11 plus results. High March parents obviously like Pipers Corner. Parents know the focus is largely on the 11 plus and pay for this success. Excellent schools focus on lots of other good things too as well as kind behaviour, drama for confidence and being well mannered, although you can foster all these attributes at home. Go to the open days and see which school you prefer.

Laurica17 Fri 14-Oct-16 12:16:12

Thank you, bojorojo for sharing your opinion with me. I am in a dilemma of choosing between a great state school (C of E) and paying for an independent school. You are right, there are many qualities you can foster at home. However, I am starting to realize that as a full time working mother (and no family close-by) I need to rely heavily on the influence of other carers when I am not with my girls: nanny, school, etc to re-enforce the values I am trying to teach. I am thinking that I will have to pay for a childminder anyway if they were to attend state school and this makes an independent school proposition (with morning and afternoon care included) very attractive. Also, does anyone know the percentage of children from C of E who pass 11+? And do those children attend private tuition? And how easy/expensive it is to find a childminder who only works mornings and afternoons and helps children with homework? I would appreciate other mothers' experiences on this topic as well as experiences with local independent schools. Thank you!

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