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Persistent bad behaviour in ds' class

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Blue4ever Thu 29-Sep-16 11:40:50

Ds2 is in 5, in a one form entry school, and since reception there has been a couple of boys who are consistently disruptive in the classroom and aggressive, play fighting in the playground, many parents have complained that one in particular is bullying other children (although not ds). I thought this would get better with time and behaviour management but they are now in year 5 and it has gotten a lot worst since the beginning of the year, they have a Newly Qualified teacher and she cannot manage the class. There are now 5 boys who are constantly misbehaving and another 4 that have other issues (in care, dyspraxia, ASD).

Ds is so stressed out because of all the chaos that he cries himself to sleep most nights, is constantly on edge and I seriously worry about his capacity to keep on going with such a high level of stress.

Sorry about the long post but I am very very upset about this.

I have raised the issue every year with teachers at his school. And now I have written to the school to talk to the HT but no reply yet. Other parents have also complained.

Basically, what are my options now? I have applied for in year school transfer but all local schools are full. Is home schooling an option? can a school expel a child who is consistently behaving badly (he has no SEN)? Can I justified being 'that' parent and pushing for changing the teacher? Asking that she gets more support?

Thanks for reading!

Blue4ever Thu 29-Sep-16 11:44:53

Also the teacher has punished the entire class on a number of occasions, keeping everyone at playtime, stopping them from doing arts, fun activities etc because of bad behaviour. Ds is a particularly shy boy, he has never misbehaved in the class, and does what he is asked to do. I am not saying he is perfect but he is a well behaved boy.

Ginmummy1 Thu 29-Sep-16 12:08:52

I haven't got experience of dealing with similar, so hopefully someone else will come along soon.

However, one thing you could do is encourage other parents to write in and complain. Simply mentioning it to the teacher (however many times) won't have the same effect as official letters - preferably also emailed, so they are dated. I believe the school would have to act on a number of written complaints.

It sounds like a tricky situation - good luck.

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