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UCS vs Highgate

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Samkopel Fri 09-Sep-16 14:23:25

We are in the throws of preparing for 7+ and Highgate has been our number 1 choice for DS as its co-ed and has SPACE! However, having taken our DS to the open evening at UCS yesterday, we spoke to the new librarian there who has just joined from Highgate. We asked her for a comparison and she said Highgate is much more pressured, higher expectations etc. And then when the head at UCS gave his talk, he said they absolutely do not hot house the children like some of the other schools do. This really resonated with myself and DH as we don't want to put crazy pressure on our kids. The downside I hear about UCS is that there lots of spoilt rich kids....but isn't the case with all the London private schools?!
Ultimately we might not have a choice to make, it all depends on what he gets offered!
Any views would be appreciated...

princessna Fri 09-Sep-16 14:47:54

We have a DS at UCS. I would take exception to the statement 'lots of spoilt rich kids'. Yes, some families are wealthy, some very wealthy. But most boys I have met are lovely.
As a generalisation one can probably apply this statement to any independent school.

CB2009 Sat 10-Sep-16 13:00:16

For me it depends on the boy and what you think they will enjoy. We toured both, along with Habs & Mill Hill. Co-ed was important to us. My personal view just based on the tour was that UCS was a little more liberal. Highgate a touch more traditional. UCS seemed slightly stronger on humanities & launguages. Highgate is very strong on maths/science. They are both wonderful schools. Any boy would be lucky to go to either school. Our son is a week into Highgate and the new building, headmaster & sports facilities are terrific. Good luck. Sit both. That may help with decision making. If you get both then feel lucky & then decide!!!

Monsoonrain1 Mon 21-Nov-16 01:16:41

Any advice on the Highgate 3+ assessment would be much appreciated if you have any experience of it

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