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Good areas for living/schooling in Glasgow

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Rodica Thu 08-Sep-16 04:25:56

Hi dears, we are new in Glasgow and UK in general. So, we don't know pretty much where is good to find a house and most of all, to integrate better at school our children even if we are not not english people and want them feel comfortable at school. We are looking for a house here, but don't have any ideea where it is better. We saw some new houses in the East End, Spingbank Crescent, we love that houses, but how good/bad is this area for living and most of all what do you know/can advice about schools here as well as we have 2 children (3years and 1 year old). I've heard about west end is a good area, but sincerely, we don't like too much those old houses. Any advice is highly appreciated.

prettybird Thu 08-Sep-16 10:09:46

You'd be better posting this in the Scotsnet topic (where I'll probably repeat what I'll say here wink)

Don't know what your budget is - that will help us advise you.

There are parts of the East End I'd avoid and parts that are now better - but I do to know it well enough to tell you specifics.

West End will be more expensive, do it does depend on your budget (Useless piece of trivia: the reason that most cities historically have a "richer" West End and a poorer East End is due to factories and the prevailing wind).

Have a look at the South Side of Glasgow for similar housing/schools to the West End but better value you'd never guess I live in the South Side wink Areas like Shawlands, Newlands, Pollokshields, parts of Cardonald. It really does depend on your budget.

Don't be put off by some of the older houses (unless you're meaning 60s council type housing). The stone built tenements or conversions of the bigger stone built villas can mean glorious large, light, high ceilinged rooms.

prettybird Thu 08-Sep-16 10:12:09

" I do to know" = I *don't* know" damned autocorrect blush

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