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Transfer from Scottish Nursery to English School

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laurensteddy1988 Wed 13-Jan-16 15:32:50

Hi all - my daughter was born in Scotland on 1st June 2011, 4 1/2 years old (january 2016). She is currently attending a nursery in Scotland - her 2nd year of nursery. We are moving to South lakes in August and I am trying to find out which year she should go into for an English school - should I enrol her into reception for the start of September or should I put in for an In Year application throughout the school year for her to go into Year 1 ?? I don't know what the curriculum is - if she would be behind if she went to year 1 straight away??

can anyone shed any light or been in this situation??

TheTroubleWithAngels Wed 13-Jan-16 18:14:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

laurensteddy1988 Wed 13-Jan-16 18:34:37

Yes you're correct. I didn't realise how significant the jump would be. That is what I have worried about. Thank you for your post, I really appreciate it. I am goimg to visit a school in February. So I am wondering whether they could do a week or two gradual introduction before summer holidays. Not sure if possible I'll need to ask. thank you

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Wed 13-Jan-16 21:52:08

Schools will want your DD to be happy - being part time at the end of year for settling in, is common - But she won't be expected to work, she'll get to know layout and meet friends etc - they usually have. a day with the new teacher -

ReallyTired Thu 14-Jan-16 17:23:16

In your position I would try and seek out a school with mixed aged classes. If your daughter was in a reception/ y1 class then your daughter might find it easier.

laurensteddy1988 Thu 14-Jan-16 20:36:40

Thank you for your posts, I will ask at the new school see how it all works, thank you

Bolognese Thu 14-Jan-16 21:40:23

I moved from Scotland to England when DC was 4 1/2 (January birth) we had to go into Y1 and missed reception. Followed the advice given and choose a mixed year group school, was good for KS1 but not so great for KS2.

Did work at home to get up to speed and the move went well, kids learn fast/adapt at that age. Think of the longer term, not just the impending year.

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