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Canary wharf college - views?

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marmiteandchocolate Wed 13-Jan-16 05:00:22

was going through the archives trying to find views of canary wharf college but all the threads seem pretty dated. anyone has DC enrolled in this school? DD is about 3 so it's time we decide whether we're going to stay or move elsewhere. the school has been rated outstanding by ofsted but this was in 2012 and there isnt much info available on key results. it's a relatively new free school so we arent quite sure what to make of things and wanted to see what views there were of the school?

01forLondon Mon 16-Jan-17 21:36:20

Resurrecting this thread to see if anyone has any views on CWC? I'm not the OP! But interested in this school for my DC, thinking of moving to the area.


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