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Canary wharf college - views?

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marmiteandchocolate Wed 13-Jan-16 05:00:22

was going through the archives trying to find views of canary wharf college but all the threads seem pretty dated. anyone has DC enrolled in this school? DD is about 3 so it's time we decide whether we're going to stay or move elsewhere. the school has been rated outstanding by ofsted but this was in 2012 and there isnt much info available on key results. it's a relatively new free school so we arent quite sure what to make of things and wanted to see what views there were of the school?

01forLondon Mon 16-Jan-17 21:36:20

Resurrecting this thread to see if anyone has any views on CWC? I'm not the OP! But interested in this school for my DC, thinking of moving to the area.


IODmum Sat 07-Oct-17 15:56:36

Avoid, avoid, avoid!
It is style over substance. It's like when you buy a used car that is fine in the showroom but breaks down on the drive home. They are good at giving an appearance of doing well and impressing Ofsted but they are inexperienced and headed up by an overbearing person who has given herself the title of CEO and Executive Principal. Her reputation and the reputation of the school mean more to her than your child ever well. Your child is a commodity to conform. The school either ignore or don't understand basic statutory requirements and have no real understanding of state education. Many key staff are young and inexperienced labelled as 'home grown talent' by Ofsted - give it a while and you'll realise it's not home grown talent but rather people who cannot challenge the over inflated CEO. The school is not inclusive. It is a self -serving school founded predominantly by those who didn't want to send their child to a state school but also didn't want to pay for private school fees. There is no accountability. You cannot approach the governors if things go wrong. Instead you have to approach the EP/CEO and if things are still not resolved then she will arrange for 3 of her friends to decide what's what (check out the complaints policy). The school is not accountable to the LA so you can't ask the LA for help. Even if your child has SEN or medical needs, the school won't work with outsiders ... oh, they pretend to liaise with others though. Seriously, please just avoid. Anything that could be wrong with the free school model, this school has it.

IODmum Sat 07-Oct-17 15:59:36

See this link for a review from someone else showing a bit more of the school's true colours

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