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Ockendon schools

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Sabss7 Thu 08-Oct-15 10:19:52

I am moving to the Brandon Groves area and wanted mumsnet input on primary schools my daughter is currently 3 years of age. Help moms
Do I fall into the catchement for upminster schools, and what is a good private school in upminster?
Many thanks moms

EssexYumMum Sat 17-Oct-15 23:37:33

Hi. I am not familiar with the Ockendon schools but I know that some Upminster residents are not close enough to fall within catchment of Upminster schools.
I do know of one very good independent primary in Upminster - Oakfields Montessori. It has always had a good reputation and even more so in recent years. I know several children who go there, some from Ockendon areas. There's a bit of a waiting list though, especially for the early years.

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