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Primarys in Jersey

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Levatrice Sun 23-Aug-15 15:13:54

Considering moving to jersey, have not narrowed down to a specic parish or even area really, just looking for any advice from locals about primary schools there.

Are there clear differences between any schools, i.e any to avoid?!

DD starting reception this year in england, DS is starting reception next year ,currently going through an asd assessment. So we have to factor in the possibility of having a diagnosis and where this would place us in deciding where to apply.

Are planning to move in summer holidays next year to minimise disruption to DD.

Thanks in advance!

TeenAndTween Sun 23-Aug-15 17:12:43


LockedOutOfMN Sun 23-Aug-15 18:31:01

I have heard good things from several people about Victoria College and Jersey College for Girls, both of which are fee paying.

The state primary schools are allocated according to where you live so do take that into account when choosing a property.

You might find out a bit more from the forums (and articles) at

Good luck!

Levatrice Sun 23-Aug-15 19:21:28

Thank you!! Yes i have heard the fee paying schools are a lot better, but hoping to choose where we look for a house nearer the better state schools as i think we might be a bit stretched to pay for the two dc at private ed . Thanks for the link though!

LockedOutOfMN Sun 23-Aug-15 19:45:21

If you are moving for work, it is common (but not universal) for employers to pay or subsidise school fees for senior staff so do double check whether that will be part of your benefits package.

Hope the link proves helpful, if not with schools, then with another aspect of your move.

Levatrice Sun 23-Aug-15 19:56:56

Oh i see, will have to investigate that further then, lots more research to do ! Thanks again

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