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eyfs / reception school report

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bradders100 Mon 06-Jul-15 10:30:01

Hello, just had my DD's school report. she turns 5 this month and started reception class at primary school last September.
she has got 4 exceeding(3s) and 13 expected (2s).
can anyone please tell me what this means exactly?
ie are December born children assessed the same way as july born children for example?
we have no other children so don't have anything to compare the report with and the school teachers, whilst nice, are not very good at explaining important matter or communication in general tbh.
Does she now move onto a NC level or will she stay at reception level for another year? will she have an assessment or test before september? school have been a bit vague so far. think I may have to ask them this week but thought I would ask you lovely folk first :-)
tia x

MMmomKK Mon 06-Jul-15 13:20:46

Your daughter is doing well!

The reporting in his way is pretty straightforward - on 13 measurements your daughter is exactly where she is supposed to be and on 4 categories she is ahead.

Next year she will start on Year 1 NC program. There are no levels anymore, every school decides what they should use for assessment (crazy, but it's another matter). There is no reason to test your daughter again - end of Reception report does just that - gives her current level.

That said, when kids arrive in a new year and meet a new teacher, that teacher of course assesses them - to see what they still remember after the summer. It is not at all stressful and kids don't necessarily know it's happening. At least not until later age, when they are a lot more switched on.

bradders100 Mon 06-Jul-15 14:41:47

I think I will chat to the eyfs leader at school to find out what system they use and it doesn't sound very good does it?
we haven't been told which class they're all going into yet either. they are supposed to be starting in their new class next week to ease them in when sept comes. she is currently in an all-reception class but we have heard that they are splitting the class 3 ways as there are 3 classes they could potentially go into - one mixed recep/ks1 and two mixed ks1/ks2. is suspect she will go into the first due to her age????

Elsashmelsa Mon 06-Jul-15 16:39:37

Hi OP,

My DD went into Y1 last September so I can tell you what happened at our school.

DD is a June baby and similar to your DC, got a mix at end of year of Exceeded and Expected (9 Exceeded and 8 Expected - they based it over 17 different measurements).

When it comes to splitting of classes though, every school does it differently. Some do it on ability, some on age, some on friendship/peer groups.

Last year in DD's class they seemed to do a mix of age/ability/SEN. There were 3 Reception children with special needs who stayed in the Reception/Y1 class. Then there were 5 children, including DD who were late Summer babies but only two spaces in the new Y1/Y2 class. So they reviewed the abilities of those 5 youngest and decided where they would best fit. DD and a boy whose birthday is the day before hers, were moved into the Y1/Y2 class and the other three stayed in the Reception/Y1 class. They were then joined by all the new Reception children.

However, when the Y1/Y2 class broke off into groups to do literacy and maths etc, the Y1 children from the Reception/Y1 class were sent into those groups for work. So academically they didn't fall behind by being in the Reception/Y1 class. I would say though, from what I've seen, they do spend a lot more time playing than those in the Y1/Y2 classroom...

Every school does it differently.


Elsashmelsa Mon 06-Jul-15 16:48:30

Sorry that sounded confusing, there weren't only 5 places in the Y1/Y2 class... All the obvious Y1 children were moved up (there was quite a split between Autumn/Winter babies and then just 5 Summer borns - the rest went up into the Y1/Y2 class automatically) and then there were two places left with 5 Reception children due to go into Y1.

bradders100 Mon 06-Jul-15 16:52:36

we find out Friday apparently so will just have to see.
if she goes into the recep/ks1 I just hope they do continue to challenge her as even I notice she gets bored very quickly in that once she has grasped something she needs to move on quickly

MMmomKK Mon 06-Jul-15 17:01:00

At least they might tell you next week. In our school all kids from three get mixed up. And we only find out on the first day of school in Sept.

I wouldn't worry about what assessment/gradation/levels they use for the reports - this information has very limited use to you now - i.e. there is nothing that you can do or do differently.
Chances are - given you Reception report, that they will continue with Emerging/At expectations/Above expectations.

My kids haven't been in a mixed class, but from what I hear it works fine.

What we all need now is a great vacation!!!

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