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What happens on the first day?

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GinaLinetti Sun 28-Jun-15 15:39:47

P1 (Scotland) if that makes a difference. We have been told to come for 9.30am and to come into the hall, not the classroom. They will be part time until September.

I know every school is different, just looking for a rough idea.

letsghostdance Sun 28-Jun-15 20:09:30

They'll likely be collected from the hall by their teacher. It's good that they start at 9:30, it means that the rest of the school should hopefully be away in classrooms by that point so it'll be much quieter for them. Are they only in until 12:15/ lunch time? The whole day will be very low intensity. Getting to know you, maybe a little circle time and then some play. They hopefully won't be at desks on the first day. Also remember that a lot of the day will be taken up by taking jackets off and putting them back on! And going through lunch hall procedure, play time procedure...

TwinsPlusAnotherTwo Wed 08-Jul-15 23:40:46

I have a P1 starting this Aug, my second dc at the same school.

This year we have to leave them in the playground! They will be taken from their playground lines to classrooms by their teachers (so what they will do for the rest of P1), they also start normal P1 time.

I think they will spend time at their desks, but probably just getting used to their trays, the stuff that they have on their group tables, etc.

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