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Appeal as was placed under open but shoudl have been a foundation (but my fault)

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moreschooldilemmas Mon 15-Jun-15 12:33:40


Due to a family bereavement following a very stressful period of illness, I wasn't very thorough at all with the school applications. We are high on the waiting list for a school, however as I didn't attach the supplementary form - wholly my fault - we were categorized as an open place, not a foundation. Now we are on the waiting list as a foundation (church attendee) but is there any grounds to appeal here too?


Hersetta427 Mon 15-Jun-15 12:43:03

I sympathize but an appeal will only be successful if you can prove an error was made. Your application was judged with all the information you supplied at the time so it doesn't sound like an error was made as you didn't attach the information which would have placed your child in a higher category.

prh47bridge Mon 15-Jun-15 12:50:04

If this would be an infant class size appeal (i.e. the school runs classes of 30 pupils in infants) I agree with Hersetta427. There is nothing to stop you from trying. You might strike it lucky and get a sympathetic appeal panel willing to bend the rules for you. But you need to be realistic about your chances.

If this is not an infant class size case it is a different matter and an appeal would have a better chance of success.

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