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NorthBridge House

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eliravel Thu 19-Feb-15 10:55:51

Hi all, my daughter will start Reception in September 2015. Can i have feedbacks from mums having their kids in Reception this year about education, teachers etc...
I am reading a lot of negative posts about North Bridge on this website, however people i know are overall happy with the school, i start being worried on the choice we made but we can still consider other options.
Many thanks!

rosemom Thu 19-Feb-15 12:08:41

hi eliravel!

congrats on getting a place there - i would love for DD1 to be admitted as well but i'm afraid i may be too late... when did you apply and when were you offered a place?

i'm not sure how useful this is but i actually went to the open day of their prep school earlier this month and was extremely impressed by the headmaster - he came across as very smart, to the point, seemed to know what he's doing and i liked that his daughter went there (she got into SHHS) and that his son is currently there as well. the children who gave the tours seemed happy and the results of the school are quite good!

so what worries you the most? and where would you go if you turn down northbridge?

Lovkesh Mon 14-Dec-15 11:35:34

Hello All,

I was going through this theard and like to know more about the North Bridge House Nursery School. We got offer from the school for Sep 2016 Reception class for my son. Please could you guide us whether you are satisfied with the school ? We are looking for the Acedemics school for my son. Thanks in advance for your response.


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