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When do we tell DS school that we are moving him

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Heypesto Wed 21-Jan-15 15:52:15

DS is mid-way through Reception at our local primary and for various reasons we have made the decision to move him to a prep school for Y1. When do we need to inform his school that he will not be returning for the following year? I don't want to do it too early in case this changes the staff's attitude to him and potentially sours our relationship with the school in general.

Does anyone have any experience of this?

TeenAndTween Wed 21-Jan-15 16:07:14

No experience.
I would say 3-6 weeks before the end of the summer term.
Gives the LA a chance to process the space so someone else can take it up straight away in September.

Though I would be surprised if the teacher's attitude changed to him even if they did know he was leaving. Would be very unprofessional.

yellowdaisies Wed 21-Jan-15 16:11:27

The school would probably appreciate it if you let them know by the May half term, as that is the earliest they'd offer his place to anyone else from, and also useful for the school to know if they're making any changes to classes, staffing, etc for next year.

Does your DS know he's moving? He might well talk about it so probably better they know officially rather than just from him.

I moved DD half way through Y3 and her school were very nice about it. Her class made her a goodbye card

Heypesto Wed 21-Jan-15 16:20:30

Thanks for the advice, it's really helpful. DS knows a move is a possibility but no more than that at this stage. I'm encouraged that yellowdaisies had a positive experience, too. We will hang on until the beginning-ish of summer term, then.

footallsock Wed 21-Jan-15 16:25:50

I would tell them after Easter assuming you definite. They can then build it into their plans and offer the place hopefully to someone on the wait list over the summer

howtodrainyourflagon Wed 21-Jan-15 19:45:39

I moved ds last September. School knew all along it was a possibility as I had to request authorised absences for test and taster days. I think I confirmed it with school towards the end of the spring term. It's helpful for the school to have a bit of notice.

toomuchicecream Wed 21-Jan-15 21:17:28

When I had a couple of children leaving for prep school the parents told me at the March parents' evening. The school can't do anything about offering the space to anyone else until you've put it in writing, but I appreciated the parents telling me. I can assure you that his teachers are so busy they won't have time to think about him leaving in several months time - they will get on with teaching him like they do all the other children.

Heypesto Wed 21-Jan-15 22:06:24

Thanks all, really appreciate the advice and will think about telling the school sooner. It will also help us prepare DS for the change if we can start talking about it with him well in advance, having told the school first.

ChalkyC Wed 21-Jan-15 23:32:21

We have this situation with our yr 1 ds - I'm putting off telling him he's definitely moving as I'm going to have to do a bit of a pr campaign, and don't really want him repeating sone of the incentives for moving. I was thinking the beginning of the summer term. Really tricky!

Greenfizzywater Thu 22-Jan-15 06:32:19

My daughter moved for year 1, I gave the school a term's notice as it was a fee paying school, but I only told her at summer half term. I wasn't worried about the school disengaging, more that if it got out to the other parents she wouldn't get invited for playdates etc. I felt she needed half a term to get used to the idea.

QuiteQuietly Thu 22-Jan-15 10:22:10

I think it's polite to tell the teacher before your child does. And if it's on the cards and you have been looking round or doing settling-in or trial sessions, then it's likely your child may mention it. But just an informal mention that you may be moving on until it is enough now I would think. I don't think school can give your place away until you have actually exited. We moved school because of moving house and we knew the first child on the waiting list. They didn't get a call until the afternoon of our last day, because I suppose things can change at the last minute (house purchase falling through, unexpected job loss that means private school fees are out of hte question etc.).

Frikadellen Fri 23-Jan-15 08:43:20

We moved dd2 in year 1 I let the school know the week before easter holiday and she started at the new school after the easter holiday.

I will here mention we moved due to a issue that had ensured I had a complete lack of trust in the school she was in and their ability to aid my child, hence I did not feel I owed them much in terms of explanation, nor did I feel I had to justify my choice. (hence the weeks notice so they did not try to talk tome -acting head still tried)

I would not tell until end of June early May to be honest. The school can't do much with the info until the child actually leaves they still haven't got a space if over subscribed

DragonRojo Fri 23-Jan-15 09:35:11

we left in the summer term of Y3 and told the school in writing just before the Spring half term. The teachers were lovely, but the Head took it quite personally.

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