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Does My DS Need To See A Ed Psy

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123littlepigs Sun 20-Jul-14 23:09:01

DS has always had the same problem. Staying focused on any given task poor organisational skills and completing school work. I am told he is above average with VR/NVR scores being between 115 - 125. But yet still failed all English/comprehension exams this year for failure to complete mainly. He hates writing and loves maths, which he is good at. He is about to enter into yr4, would seeing a Ed Psy be of any use? Poss detecting something missed that could assist. Must admit I am cautious moving on this, as not sure if there will be any stigma attached having this assessment carried out and if negative, it being passed on to future schools which may narrow his chances of getting in.....Also feel, if you look for issues, something will always come up in a report ... Please help...

Any advice greatly appreciated!!!

AnnabelleDarling Mon 21-Jul-14 20:48:00

Your ds sounds very like one of my boys, both of my ds' have dyslexia and they are affected in different ways. We have a family history of dyslexia and they were diagnosed at quite a young age by a private Ed Psych as we were looking out for signs! They are now both at senior school and get lots of support and are thriving. I echo other posters who urge you to think long and hard about secondary choices, we have another dyslexic family member in a (private) school who is not having their needs met and it is dreadful to see them struggle while my boys are thriving, simply because of the attitude of the school.

123littlepigs Mon 28-Jul-14 00:00:26

Lots of useful support here from all of you.... Thank you .... Greatly appreciated!

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