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End yr 3 levels SEN

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littlemiss06 Fri 18-Jul-14 23:01:20

My daughter has been on school action since yr 2, currently under camhs, and occupational therapy, been assessed by camhs and its looking like autism, attachment disorder and possible adhd, she already has a diagnosis of sensory processing disorder.

End of yr 1 all subjects on level 1c

End of yr 2 1b in reading 1a in maths 2c in literacy

End yr 3 1a in reading, 2c maths and 1a literacy

Making some progress especially with her maths but still don't feel its adequate? Havent really been in school much to ask about it but wondering if its time now as shes going in to yr 4 on level 1a but just don't know where I stand or what to even say.

ThisIsBULLSHIT Fri 18-Jul-14 23:08:55

Have you spoken to the SENCO?
Is she having support at school? Does she have an IEP and do you have a copy which you can work on at home?
And is she statemented?
It sounds like no but if I were you I think I would be questioning her lack of progress, it looks like she has gone backwards in writing (literacy), made some progress in maths, although one level in two years isn't really quite enough, and only one sub level a year in reading which definitely isn't enough.

Do you know what interventions the school has put in place?
And is she getting support for her autism?

Sorry to add lots of questions!

littlemiss06 Fri 18-Jul-14 23:15:31

Hi and thanks for your reply, I haven't recently spoken to the senco, although she does have some extra help with phonics sessions with the lower ability group in her class, I do have her IEP which we try to follow at home mainly focuses around reading, spelling etc. She isn't statemented only on school action.
As for any other interventions in school no that is all she has, they do receive pupil premium money for her as she was adopted from care but feel this is just in the school pot as apposed to doing anything specific with my daughter. As for her autism, shes still undergoing assessment but the ados test she met the criteria for autism but due to her history they want to do a few more assessments before officially diagnosing although they did say they were pretty certain autism and attachment are difficulties for her but also her school observation they did showed she needed adult interaction every couple of minutes, she would be shouting out or out of her seat to them so they then queried the possibility of adhd as well. So no support for these at the moment although by September we will know for sure and hopefully this will help us get support but just not really sure what she will be entitled too with regards this.

ThisIsBULLSHIT Fri 18-Jul-14 23:30:22

Blimey, so she is a pupil premium child, which means the school receives an extra £900 a year to support her, and also, she is actually school action plus as she has outside agencies involved, so she should be having LOTS more support. If she is under an OT, there is a good chance she should be having sensory circuit to help her get ready to learn (although her sensory issues may make this tricky).

A phonics group is not really going to enable her to catch up sufficiently! I think you need to question how they are supporting her with the pupil premium money (you are fine to ask the school this) and also to say that you are very concerned about her progress and to ask how they are planning to support her next year. As a pupil premium child the school should be looking to help her make accelerated progress.

If it were me, I would be asking this in the next two or three days as if you follow the same term timetable as me, you are breaking up on Wednesday. I would also ask about how they have helped her with the transition, especially as she is looking likely to be autistic, they should have helped her lots to feel comfortable in her new class. Pm me if you like!!

NynaevesSister Sat 19-Jul-14 10:43:24

DS went into Y4 at that level. The main interventions started in Y3 but really went up a notch going into Y4. At end of Y3 the school have him a thorough and detailed assessment that revealed some learning issues we didn't know about. In Y4 he got the extra phonics help but also a specialist reading program with one to one sessions, also a smaller tutorial group for literacy. Also horse riding therapy, OT and several visits to a specialist centre. He has gone up a whole level this year and another sub level. So that's four sub levels in one year. It has been impressive. I think a combination of excellent teaching and also his own maturity. Something about getting past the age of 8.

At home as well as reading we've encouraged him into actives he enjoys but finds hard. Such as learning a musical instrument. This is so much harder for him than other children it breaks my heart but he loves it and finds it fun and it is absolutely helping him.

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