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What did you/would you do? Moving schools question.

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scouting Fri 07-Feb-14 10:31:09

I can't decide whether to move my child from an OK state school to a stricter but better facilitated prep.

The alternative would be to keep her in the OK school and supplement with outside tuition (and if so, what would you suggest. I think just maths at this stage. Already learns an instrument, does swimming etc outside school). I am able to provide other stuff outside school if I have to.
If you took either option, please give me your viewpoint.

In favour of the OK state school
Local. Not very much homework.
My daughter LOVES it.
My daughter has lots of friends.
My daughter finds it easy but not boring.
It is a community school.
It is a state school.
She has a peer group of around six equally able children.

Against the state school
It has had a very difficult time, loosing huge numbers of staff and replacing them with very jolly but largely 'unknown' replacements.
Kids are moving to better local schools when they can.
The new head comes from a school which has a reputation of failing the more able children (ofsted comments and also miniscule number of L5s in Y2 sats - compared to other schools in area).
Some of the kids in higher years bored by their teachers (unstimulating work).
It is in flux and it's not clear where it's going. Still finding it's feet after great period of unrest.
Less community involvement in school and poor communication.
Very poor facilities, very poor - to none - extra curricula activities - no extra clubs and no work - beyond differentiation - to do more for the more able children.

Pro the private school.
More facilities.
Smaller class sizes.
More opportunities.
More likely to meet kids needs (though not sure creatively).
Won't have to tutor or monitor my child - can trust school

Against the private
Further away so an hour a day travelling instead of 20 minutes.
Reputation for being traditional.
Homework every night
Away from friends and our immediate community (though my daughter makes friends very easily).
Disruptive (my child is happy where she is).

Please give me some pros and cons.

efrieze78 Fri 07-Feb-14 13:57:41

Do it - you won't regret it!

But seriously, only ou will know if it's right for you and your child. My experience was that the diffference between the two envronments can be huge.

redskyatnight Fri 07-Feb-14 14:24:44

How old is your daughter (how many years left in primary school)?
What school are you hoping for her to go to at secondary level (if selective, what's your plan for getting her there)?

If your DD was Y5 upwards and you wanted selective secondary I'd perhaps go for the prep. If she's younger, I'd focus on her being happy (and not having an hour of travel each day -is that 2 hours for you? - that's such a negative for me the school would have to be awful for me to want to move her) and that she has a good peer group and wait to see how the school regroups, supporting at home where necessary.

scouting Fri 07-Feb-14 15:10:48

Half an hour each way, max.
She would start in Y3.
I don't know what I want for her at secondary - I do know that if i did want a selective school the chances of her getting in from the current school are very low.

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