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Primary School in Stenson Fields, Derbyshire

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doriszeva Wed 23-Oct-13 00:14:46

Hi all!!

We are moving to Derbyshire at the end of the month, and would like to know which primary schools are good and which ones to avoid.
What they are like, what languages they learn if any, do they have cooking or gardening, special sports or music/instrument lessons?
And generally the most important factor, the results of the school, and the friendliness of the staff and other children. Are there any hungarian or italians children in particular in any of these schools, as we have a little bit of a connection to these.

Any help would be appreciated! smile

AbbyLou Wed 23-Oct-13 20:13:01

Stenson fields is far more derby city than Derbyshire so hope you're not expecting a rural location? There is stenson fields primary school but I think that is the only one. You could google it to see if they have a website. I don't think you'll get a choice of schools to be honest.

doriszeva Thu 24-Oct-13 17:59:25

Hi AbbyLou! Thank you smile tbh I didnt know what to expect, but I went to see the house today and it was lovely. The location of it was in-between rural and city type. smile I looked at stn field primary school's website, looks good. not sure about what its like though in practice. smile

clary Fri 25-Oct-13 18:59:34

I'm in Derby. Don't know st flds school but wd recpmmed yr nearest school! The music languages etc you mention wpn't be top of the list at primary. Mozt do spme french or german. Some have gardens. I wd say ease of access and local mates are more important. What other schools are nearby? cpuld u drive to a nearby village eg willington?

doriszeva Fri 25-Oct-13 23:57:36

Hi Clary,
Thank you for your thoughts and opinion, I appreciate it. ;)
I will be working at the E.Mids airport, so anywhere on my way there would be fine, and also as you mentioned Willington, I would be ok to drive there, its less then 3 miles from the property smile I had a look at the website of the school there, and it looks good. Is it a school you would recommend??
Tbh, the most important is that it is a good school with good results and good friends + teachers, and as you said the ease of access. The other stuff is just a plus, but no a must. smile
The other schools that are nearby us, are Redwood, but it would be out of my way, and Ash Croft, but they have no website.. :/ so I dont know what it's like.
I was also looking at:
Homefields Primary in Chellaston,
Weston-on Trent CofE (mind you my daughter is Catholic- so not sure if she would qualify), and
Aston-on-Trent Primary
Not sure about others within easy reach. smile

clary Sat 26-Oct-13 00:51:14

Homefields only has an intake of 30 and its catchment is tiny because of that, literally half a mile. It's well rated but if you are in Stenson Fields then a bit far away.

TBH most of the primaries I know anything about in Derby are good. You really need to go and look round. How old is your DD? You may not have a great deal of choice if she is already at school.

I suggested Willington (or maybe Aston or Weston - C of E just means it's the village school - all faiths usually fine) in case you were looking for a smaller village school - fewer students overall and a more cosy atmosphere, but of course a more limited friendship pool and less chance of organised sports etc. Depends what you are looking for. I like the fact that we can walk to school smile

doriszeva Sat 26-Oct-13 10:28:03

The option of walking to school schools good to me smile
It's a relief to hear that the primary schools are all good there. smile
My daughter is 9 yo (so year 4). Ash Croft is close to the house, it would be ideal, but no website for them. sad

Thanks again clary! smile

clary Sat 26-Oct-13 18:40:07

If she is in yr 4 you may have more options of course as infant class size rules no longer apply.

I would contact the city council to see what's available, also derbyshire county council as they deal with schools outside Derby city such as Aston, Weston, Willington. Good luck!

doriszeva Sun 27-Oct-13 01:15:49

thanQ clary, will do. smile

Wikkitikki Wed 06-Nov-13 09:55:47

Sorry to join this thread so late, you could also try Findern Primary school which is a short drive away. I know of families in Littleover getting their children in although it's outside the city boundary. My friend teaches at Redwood School it is a good school but parts of Sinfin are socially deprived.

A word of warning about the secondary school for Stenson Fields, it's in the catchment of The City Of Derby Academy formerly Sinfin Community Svhool, which most parents avoid. Derby Moor.Sports College is nearby and is a good school.

doriszeva Wed 06-Nov-13 23:42:15

That's great thank you Wikkitikki, I will have a look at Findern's p. school, it must be a good school if parents from Littleover take their children there. smile I'm still struggling to find the right school for my daughter. I was told today that Sale & Davy's is meant to be good(?)

Thank you for the advice on the local secondary, it helps loads too. smile
I have heard that Derby Moor is meant to be good, you've just made my thoughts on that stronger, will defo. consider it. smile

Wikkitikki Thu 07-Nov-13 10:11:12

Sale and Davy's is in Barrow on Trent, not far from Stenson Fields by car, I used to attend a Zumba class there and could get from school in Mickleover to Barrow in time for 9.30 start. When the new development at Stenson Fields is complete it will have an adverse affect on the flow of traffic.

I don't know much about the school but the old head is now head at Carlyle infant in Littleover. Ridgeway infant and Gayton junior are good schools not too far from Stenson Fields but maybe close enough to walk.

Like Clary has said the option of walking is a bonus. Mine don't attend the catchment primary schools but we are just close enough to walk. A few parents I know in Littleover are hoping to send their children to Gayton Junior instead of St.Peters.

I've heard good reports about Derby Moor, the new head is very effective. I live in the catchment of Littleover Community and have a child in sixth form and a child in year 6. The local consensus is that 5 or 6 years ago Derby Moor was a no no but parents I know in Derby Moor catchment are now happier with the prospect of sending their child there. It is also a very new building, it's only been occupied since Jan this year!

kbaruin123 Mon 02-Jun-14 09:31:01

Hello there

I am looking for my son's primary schools and wanna move into the good school catchment area before I apply for his primary this Nov. I came across 2 houses that I liked, one in carlyle catchment and 1 in stenson primary catchment. I just want your values opinions on the 2 schools and both the areas if the place is good to live in etc and about the schools as well.

Please throw some light on me and help me choose.


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