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Any1? home school waiting for school place?

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mam29 Fri 17-May-13 11:47:49

Already thinking dont stand any chance getting any of my prefered choices and doing 2schools logistical nightmare as eldest year 3 next year.

I have dd2 shes sept birthday so just missed starting this september.

shes due to start next september but she 5 when she starts.

Is education compulsary from term after 5th birtday so jan 2015?

so could I sit and brave it out on wait lists from sept-jan and hope something comes up?

can i still use my 15hours providing daycare provider say they still take her as current preschool said no to school age kids.
Havent asked her nursery yet but shes already losing lots of freinds in sept this year as they start school.

shes down to start rainbows next sept when shes 5.
she currently does baby ballet/tap.
was considering adding gym or drama so she dont get bored.

How hard is it to homeschool reception?
as its learning through play is there a curriculum to follow?

Or is it just phonics, reading, basic number work, arts and crafts and play?

If she did a few clubs to socilaise whilst being homeschooled would that be a bad thing would she miss out hugely?

she has younger brother whos due to start sept 2015.
he gets funding next septemebr so plan for him to do 3full days preschool so she have me one to one for 3days.
Husbands retail so sometimes works weekeds and has weekdays off so he could have younger sibling on day 4 or give scopes for lots of trips.

Has anyone homeschooled when waiting?
how soon did you get a place?
what did you do when you homeschooled?
when child eventually started school did you feel they at disadvantage or behind in any way?

eldests school does have some movement.
Think easier to find places mid year than september.
But know many people tell me im brave or mad as considering this option can hear my mam now telling me she needs school.

Would love to hear some postive stories.

im quite open minded I plan to visit as many schools locally as I can.

Im trying to make realistic choices on school admission but need a backup plan.

I could either out school dont like as safe option for 3rd.

or i could just put 3 i like best and hope for best but then I risk

being stuck with no school place and offered whereever.
Or ringing round and seeing who has places even if miles away.

wait lists and homeschooling

wish we had 6choices here.

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