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How can I help DD

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Weallrolledoverandonefellout Mon 29-Apr-13 11:38:57

DD is reasonably happy at school. She started in Sept, so is in reception. Until Xmas she was mixing really well, then we started to see some subtle changes, her teacher has since said that she is following/copying 1 child quite a lot, and excluding herself from playing with others etc..we have noticed that she mimics this other child (it's rather annoying!) She can be such a confident child outside of school, and it really saddens me to see my previously outgoing independent little girl behaving in this way. We don't really see the other child outside of school, and we have had lots of chats about being yourself etc etc...her teachers are being quite strict about splitting them up, not allowing them to sit together etc, although I'm not sure that they are offering her any other options as to what she might do instead...has anyone else encountered this kind of thing, or have any suggestions as to how I could help her to retain her own personality!. Could it be just a phase? Thank you

Elibean Mon 29-Apr-13 11:51:31

Yes, it could be, and probably is, a phase smile

I would invite other children over to play, and try not to worry about it - it almost certainly won't be the last time you see your dd mimicking or copying another child's behaviour (it's actually an important part of social development to be able to do that, so not something to worry about in itself!).

Not sure what kind of changes you're seeing and concerned about, but I would make sure dd knows she can talk about her friendship without judgement whilst not focussing on it too much yourself, iyswim.

Both my dds are confident, happy little girls and both have, at times, gone into mimic mode - usually short lived, and in all cases grown out of smile

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