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Would it be ok to ask the teacher...

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Lucky13 Thu 08-Nov-12 07:23:01

If dd could go and have her phonics lessons etc with another year group? DD is in year R and stage 6/7 of ORT. The school are lovely and give her appropriate books, but dd is saying she is bored in phonics etc. I have parents evening tonight and wasn't sure if this would be a reasonable request?

RibenaFiend Thu 08-Nov-12 07:25:36

Not an unreasonable request, just be prepared to accept that the teacher may not deem it appropriate, possible, etc. However it's better to ask than just wonder smile

DeWe Thu 08-Nov-12 09:29:29

Not unreasonable to discuss it, but I think I'd be more inclined to approach it as "dd says she's bored in phonics, what can you do about this?"

But also be prepared for the teacher to say that it is still necessary. All my dc were at that ability or beyond in year R and I still think it was beneficial for them to redo the phonics because it reinforced the early ones before moving onto the harder ones.

seeker Thu 08-Nov-12 09:32:41

Also be really wary when a child says they are bored. It very often doesn't mean they are bored at all- it could mean practically anything. Including being bored, obviously!

But it's a universal word for there's something here I don't like.

learnandsay Thu 08-Nov-12 09:32:44

What phonics course are they doing? If it's Letters & Sounds there is a good chance that the really really easy bit, just the letter sounds on their own should be nearly over now. OK, small comfort to a child who pretty much knows all her commonly used sounds, but hopefully, if she has to stay put, she will be going back over stuff that's vaguely interesting even if she already knows it. Maybe you could help her by showing her some exceptions just to help her keep interested.

Themumsnot Thu 08-Nov-12 09:33:43

Phonics is usually only 10-15 minutes a day and even your DD thinks it is boring it is beneficial to go through the programme systematically. Even advanced readers can miss out on crucial learning by not doing this.

hels71 Thu 08-Nov-12 09:33:47

I was wondering the same thing! My DD is also in reception and on 6/7 of ORT. She is in a mixed R/1 class and for some reason it is not possible (apparently) for her to do phonics with the Year 1 even though they do it at the same time. They are doing RWI and she knows all those sounds except tion and ciuos and need the odd reminder for a-e etc, but knows all the others very well...I may ask again at parents eve next week. Especially as I believe in RWI they should be working at the level of reading they are at...

seeker Thu 08-Nov-12 09:52:29

But as themumsnot pointed out, it's only 15 minutes a day- if does no harm- in my old foygyish opinion- for a child to be a bit bored for 15 minutes a day!

Lucky13 Thu 08-Nov-12 10:54:32

Well it's not actually about her being bored but more about learning and encouraging her. They have only learnt 8 sounds so far. She is in a mixed class with yr 1, so just wondered if it was reasonable? I may have the book bands wrong, she is just starting chapter books at home.

iseenodust Thu 08-Nov-12 11:41:14

It's a reasonable question but not one I would ask when she has only been in school 9 weeks. I think you need to bear in mind that yr1 children have been in school a year and are better at settling etc. You say school give her what you believe to be appropriate reading books so you could assume they have her pegged correctly for phonics too?

hels71 Thu 08-Nov-12 12:13:58

The school I work very part time in does RWI and all their reception and Y 1 and 2 children are in mixed groups for phonics based on ability so it is not an unreasonable question........

numbum Thu 08-Nov-12 14:05:50

Phonics aren't just about being able to read though. Your DC might be reading ORT 6 but can they also write/spell words within the book correctly?

I'd be asking what happens during phonics first before asking for her to be moved to a different class for sessions. It could/should be that one group then sits and practises writing the letter, one group practises writing words beginning with the letter in and another group could be writing sentences with lots of words with the letter in etc

There's no reason a (good) teacher can't differentiate within the class at that level.

Lucky13 Thu 08-Nov-12 20:34:30

For anyone else wondering whether to ask - no it isn't unreasonable and the teacher actually suggested it. Apparently for some children, it is appropriate, as long as everything is in place.

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