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Have you got a child in Y5?

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MimiSam Tue 09-Oct-12 11:56:39

I have - would you consider going to secondary school open days this year, rather just wait until Y6? I feel like I would like to (but not with DS as I don't want him thinking too much about it all yet...)- some people say it's a good idea, others say it isn't....For what it's worth, we are in a county with the 11+ and grammar schools, so I'd like to see different kinds of schools.

RaisinBoys Tue 09-Oct-12 19:18:47

Yes. School advised us to go open days this year and seeing some of the stressed out Y6 parents there, I would certainly advise it. Many schools have already had them by now though.

Good luck with it.

insanityscratching Tue 09-Oct-12 19:28:02

Yes any maintained school so long as it isn't an inefficient use of resources, her admission isn't to the detriment of other pupils there and the school can meet her needs. Statemented children get priority, dd has ASD no learning or behaviour difficulties, no need for adaptations so it will be the school I choose.

AngelEyes46 Tue 09-Oct-12 19:44:51

From what I know re: statement, I thought that the 'professional' had to state that 'x is the only school for child due to yyyy'

I could be wrong though - bridge or tiggy would be able to clarify.

Re: going to visit schools - I went in year 5 as it comes round very quickly in year 6

Toughasoldboots Tue 09-Oct-12 19:47:27

Yes, same insanity, thanks all for advice.

maillotjaune Tue 09-Oct-12 19:53:41

I've been to 3 although had to take the DCs to one as childcare failed! I wanted to get a feel for the schools so I could think about what I want to find out next year.

I've also been reassured - we are on the edge of London and quite a few kids do 11+ for Herts, but my instinct was to avoid this. I'm now happy that the 3 possible schools within easy reach are all good in their own way.

People who are interested in the Grammars are generally going this year as the earlier tests have got them worried smile

Frikadellen Tue 09-Oct-12 20:06:58

we went to the first open day when ds was in Y4 went to 1 in Y 5 and have done 7 so far in Y6... Sighs roll on 17th when we get 11+ results so we can decide what actually will work for him

insanityscratching Tue 09-Oct-12 20:17:19

Parental preference is priority for naming the school on the statement. In our LA schools welcome statemented children as statements bring funding. Dd is a high achiever with no real difficulties bringing a 20 hour funded statement. Any school will be more than happy to have her tbh. Even if she was a difficult to support pupil, in our LA schools are pretty much coerced into accepting a pupil when that is what a parent wants.

BackforGood Tue 09-Oct-12 20:28:16

I went round on my own when my eldest was in Yr5.
Depends on how many you are looking at, and if you are making decisions about if you want to 'prepare' your child for grammar school tests.
You can get round a lot quicker if you don't take the dc !
What I'd hoped to do, was narrow it down from the 5 I looked at to perhaps 2 for him to look at.

Takver Wed 10-Oct-12 09:41:40

Here it is definitely the norm to go in yr 5, and the children start having 'taster days' at the two local secondaries from the spring term of yr 5 too.

TBH we're now at the start of yr 6, and I would say most families have pretty much made up their mind about which school to opt for.

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