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Flightpath to reading

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crazyscientist87 Tue 02-Oct-12 20:13:56

Hello everyone,

has anyone come across this reading series? is it any good?
My DS who is nearly 6, in Yr 1 and was reading the New Way Scheme. After chatting with the teacher we decided to move him on from that scheme and she came up with a couple of these books instead. They seem really interesting compared to the last lot, just wondered if anyone had used them before and what they thought of them? The one we have at the moment is Tim and the Highwayman.

Thank you.

mrz Tue 02-Oct-12 20:20:45

Does the school have any books that are less than 30 years od?

kilmuir Tue 02-Oct-12 21:06:07


SuzysZoo Tue 02-Oct-12 22:12:36

It's a great scheme but the books are old and rare and sell for about £40 each on Amazon/Ebay. Worth trying to find if you can, though. These books were said to inspire Harry Potter and there are very many similarities! I read about these a few years ago on Mumsnet and spent a year collecting them all. Now I'm selling on Ebay slowly as DC have read them.

Hamishbear Wed 03-Oct-12 11:59:46

I'll bet JK learnt to read with this reading scheme.

So many similarities to Harry Potter - Tim looks like Harry in the illustrations, the Hogwarts type castle lived in by Mandrake, the non magic (effectively muggle) Aunt May who floats to the ceiling and almost out of the house when a temper from someone 'magical' is lost. The flying horses that transport the children to the castle. The characters that can be seen only by those that are 'magic'. Many more. Love the scheme by the way.

Tim - main character - is an orphan who lives tucked away in an attic on his own, neglected. He lives with his Aunt May isn't deeply unpleasant but barely tolerates him. He is bullied by an unpleasant boy who lives close by. Those in the magic realm help him out and so on. I think that others haven't realised all the parallels as this scheme is not well known. It may be that it has subconsciously informed her writing as she will have been a child when she read it.

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