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Feeling VERY depressed

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Cheecheemoniey Mon 01-Oct-12 15:16:12

My dd got offered a place at our local primary school but we (stupidly) declined as there was no flexibility on starting part time. My dd is August baby and had hearing impairment which has affected speech which is slightly delayed although improving. Another school (much smaller but long drive) appeared more helpful and just what we needed, so we took up place there.

Long story short - just awful. Have found out that they have limited funding, not enough teachers, no nursery teacher, sharing teacher between 4 year groups, absolute chaos and my dd hated it. I helped out and saw staff not coping, and a couple of real child protection issues. Took the difficult decision to get her out quick and have now deregistered her and put her name down for the original school which is 5 min walk away and where dds nursery buddies went and are doing well.

Waiting to find out where we are on list, but really worried as dd has been terrified by thought of school since this experience and we don't want her to be off too long, and I'm anxious about covering everything at home so she doesn't miss too much.

The school has about 450 pupils, with two classes in each year group. It's in a small town but luckily with a few military families, so hopefully may be some movement there?

I'm waiting to find out where we are on the list, but honestly feel physically sick with worry and stupid that I have made such a big mistake, but for all the right reasons at the time.

Any words of comfort or wisdom, PLEASE!

dixiechick1975 Mon 01-Oct-12 15:47:29

She will still be eligible for her 15 hrs EYFS funding if not registered with a state school - has her old nursery got a space? I'd ring them or pop in asap.

The nursery and the school will both cover the same EYFS. Then when a school place comes up she can move to the school.

Cheecheemoniey Mon 01-Oct-12 15:58:10

Hi Dixie. Yes, I have approached the nursery and they are happy to take her back if they have any spaces available. Again, it's a good nursery and places are taken very quickly so not sure how many sessions will be available.

If she goes back there will there be anything academically she's missing out on do you think? I am trying to cover all aspects as I don't want her behind, all because of me. Thanks for answering me.

dixiechick1975 Mon 01-Oct-12 16:13:36

That's good she can go back to her old nursery.

Nursery and reception cover the same learning through play.

Maybe speak to the school she is on the wait list for and see how they are teaching phonics so you could do the same at home. I know DD's uses Letters and Sounds.

Could you meet up with some old nursery friends so she will know some children when she does start school.

Cheecheemoniey Mon 01-Oct-12 16:19:39

Yes, I have been arranging play dates to keep up with her nursery friendships so that if, or when hopefully, she gets a place she'll have some little friends already.

I have asked her friend's mum what reading scheme they use and so have ordered some books, and the nursery is trying to get hold of some resources for me too. I think my main problem is feeling so bad that I got it so very wrong. I pray I haven't completely stuffed things up for dd. Thanks!

expansivegirth Mon 01-Oct-12 16:23:27

I can imagine you are frantic - but I bet that this situation will resolve. Honestly!
Just to say: I delayed my kids start to school - they didn't even go until January and to be honest they had missed nothing.
In fact, I'd gone through some basic jolly phonics books at home and if anything they were ahead when they started.
They don't do jolly phonics at the school but it was still the same basics - learning letter sounds, basic counting, one more than, one less than.
That's great if you get a place at the nursery! Agree with meeting up with some old friends so she'll know kids when she does transfer. That's what I did and it made a real difference.
Think of it as deferring entry! Which it is really (just involuntary). Your child doesn't even need to be in school until April. And then have a word with the class teacher and ask her what she thinks you should be doing.
But honestly, as I said, my kids were not disadvantaged in any way.
PS as for the ammount of time we spent on jolly phonics - maybe ten minutes a day at most, and we played the cd a lot - they liked singing along to the songs.

Cheecheemoniey Mon 01-Oct-12 16:33:13

Thank you, I shall try to calm down a bit and shall just have to play the waiting game. I'm sure it will come ok in the end as you say, but hope it doesn't take too long.


Cheecheemoniey Mon 01-Oct-12 17:06:16

Just found out we have a nursery place for two half day sessions and a full day starting this week. Yay! Please God that she now gets a place at school before year 1. Some good news though.

Thanks all.

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