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Help with what to write in reading record please (yr R)

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Cat98 Mon 24-Sep-12 14:15:52

Hi, my DS (was 4 in the Spring) has just started Reception. He had his first reading book home on Friday. It wasn't an "easy" book and was clearly for us to read to him. The suggestions on a note form the teacher in the front included "as you read to your child, encourage them to follow the words with their finger, and talk about the pictures before you read the text".

This is fine, but with it he has a reading record and a box by where the teacher has written the book title, presumably for us to write something. DS can actually read simple words already, decoding CVC words and some longer ones if they make phonetic sense. Also he recognises by sight a lot of the high frequency words. I am just wondering if the teacher is likely to know this, and what I should write in his reading book? DS is quite shy and not likely to volunteer what he knows. Should I put a note in saying that he can read simple words himself? We did the school activity with this particular book (so I read it to him as instructed) but we have lots of other simple books he can read to me either wholly or mostly independently.

Thanks smile

beingagoodmumishard Mon 24-Sep-12 14:24:30

If your DS recognised any of the words whilst you read the book to him you could make a note of these words. Understanding the story as well as being able to read words is also important, so always discuss the story and you can include a note about that.

If your DS is reading other books at home you could also include those in the reading record.

familyfun Mon 24-Sep-12 14:24:58

ds read a few words himself and we read the rest to him which he enjoyed.
keep it short.
i sometimes write, dd read all herself, dd struggles on words..., dd didnt enjoy the book, just shows you have sat with them and they have followed the book

Cat98 Mon 24-Sep-12 14:54:04

Thank you.
I will pop something like that in and mention the books he has read recently at home. It's hard to know how to make sure they are aware of whatever level he is at but not sounding like a pushy parent, especially as we are probably going to have to mention his maths soon (possible g&t/working way above expected levels).. I'm hoping the reading side will sort itself out as I know his level is within the normal spectrum there!

CaseyShraeger Mon 24-Sep-12 15:01:28

I would put something like "We read this book with DS. He liked [some aspect of story] and particularly enjoyed decoding the simpler words (e.g. 'did' and 'top') for himself as we read. He also followed along with his finger as we read the more difficuot words."

Cat98 Mon 24-Sep-12 15:04:49

Thank you, that sounds great and is pretty accurate!

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