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Nik25a Fri 01-Jun-12 20:34:45

Im trying to source contact number for a tutor named Arlette based in Golders Green if anybody can help please.

Many thanks

StJohnsWoodMummy Fri 31-Aug-12 12:43:23

Hi Nik25a - I'm trying to decide what schools to sit for and would like to have my ds assessed - haven't been able to find a contact for arlette anywhere - any luck? Hoping you might be able to share or point me to where I can find it.

horsemadmom Fri 31-Aug-12 13:05:09

Save your money and do Bond Books. The schools can figure out pretty quickly who has been tutored by her and it doesn't help.

ostneelie Mon 10-Sep-12 13:04:48

Message deleted by Mumsnet

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 10-Sep-12 14:15:00

Ho ostneelie - for various reasons we think it's probably best not to post people's personal telephone numbers on the public boards. Could you PM the OP with the information instead, in case she hasn't seen your post?



joylotus Mon 22-Jul-13 14:34:48

Hi All,

I am also looking for Arlette's (private tutor in Golders Green) contact information and not sure if she is a member. If you happen to know, would you mind sending me a PM?

many thanks.

baynaz Wed 05-Feb-14 14:26:43

Dear all,

Im trying to source contact number for a tutor named Arlette based in Golders Green if anybody can help please.

Many thanks

AyeshaS01 Sat 06-Feb-16 21:14:56

I am looking for contact details of "Arlettee" from golders green for my daughters 7+ exams.

Can any one please me the details

Thanks in advance
wish everyone all the best

shrimanprithviraj Thu 12-Jan-17 11:21:13

Hello everyone,
Would someone please send me the number for Arlette. Also would love to hear any feedback from anyone or any other 7+ tutors that anyone may have had a great experience with.
Thank you very much

NoTimeToDillyDally Sun 28-Jan-18 08:15:13

I’ve messaged you the number of an excellent 7+ tutor.

Momof3toB Sun 28-Jan-18 09:05:25

A friend of mine is looking for arlettes contact details

Could anyone kindly PM me?
Thanks in advance

Norestformrz Sun 28-Jan-18 09:16:18

She seems very popular lots of free advertising

pigshavecurlytails Mon 29-Jan-18 12:35:15

She's retiring soon - she also selects pupils and will only take those who are way ahead of their cohort at the end of reception. Charges £80 per hour for tutoring in a group of 4! All smoke and mirrors if you ask me - I have much more respect for a tutor who takes all comers and I'd expect to pay that for one on one tutoring, not one on four.

Feenie Mon 29-Jan-18 12:56:37

£80! shock

cordiality Mon 29-Jan-18 13:14:55

Visiting Arlette with my daughter to be ‘assessed’ was what put us off doing the 7+ altogether, I should thank her for that! confused

NoTimeToDillyDally Mon 29-Jan-18 14:20:55

Happy to PM Arlette and Miss Bloomfield’s numbers to those who may be interested. Arlette selects who she’ll take on, based on initial assessment. Miss Bloomfield is interested in helping your child to achieve their potential - high expectations but honest and realistic.

Momof3toB Wed 31-Jan-18 04:01:04

@NoTimeToDillyDally could I get the numbers too? I have arlettes already.
A friend of mine is upset after not getting in anywhere, keen to help her out or at least feel focused Positively

NoTimeToDillyDally Wed 31-Jan-18 05:23:09

Of course. PM me.

Schoolrun12 Fri 23-Feb-18 13:32:50

Hello @NoTimeToDillyDally. Please could you PM me Arlette's and Miss Bloomfield's numbers too as I need a tutor urgently. Thank you so much

neverstraightforward Fri 23-Feb-18 16:35:18

Siren. No guarantees that either will have availability. Good luck!

neverstraightforward Fri 23-Feb-18 16:36:00

Sure - not ‘siren’. smile

Pud2 Fri 23-Feb-18 16:57:30

Blimey, who is this ‘miracle worker’?! Sounds like she’s onto a really good thing......

simonisnotme Fri 23-Feb-18 17:24:34

£80 an hour shock who the frig is minted enough to pay that for tutoring, especially group tutoring

Norestformrz Fri 23-Feb-18 18:14:29

£80 an hour in a group of four is that per group or per child?

Livingwiththree Mon 05-Mar-18 22:13:38

Please can someone PM Miss Bloomfield number?

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