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Childrens University - anyone heard of this and what it is?

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clottedcream Thu 08-Dec-11 13:54:20

2kidsintow Thu 08-Dec-11 14:36:26

If it what I've heard about, it was something my school was going to do for a while, but never materialised. THe children who attended after school clubs would earn 'credit' towards a certificate from the Children's University by attending clubs. We had a form to fill in to say what our club was and how long it ran for. Not sure about anything else as we never really chased it up.

Tiggles Thu 08-Dec-11 20:59:34

The children's university in our area is run by the local university Glyndwr. My DSs have completed courses at the museum and at Science Days held by the Uni and have received certificates but none of the clubs they go to participate in the scheme so they have never received a 'proper' award.

Childrens' Uni in North Wales

munstersmum Thu 08-Dec-11 22:01:03

Link below to the one nearest to me. Mainly seems to be about driving up ambition / aspiration through exposure to new experiences and mentoring...but I've got that impression from TV news items.

Joyn Thu 08-Dec-11 23:18:00

Ds is a member & he's about 1/2 way to his first award. It's supposed to work as an incentive to kids to get involved in academic activities outside of lesson time. Main problem is that few clubs seem to be involved. He does cubs, 3 clubs at school & karate & none of them earn him points. If your area has better up take or your dc is already involved in an accredited club, I'd say go for it. It's free & gets kids thinking that university is something for anyone who wants it & they even get a graduation ceremony!

FFSEnid Thu 08-Dec-11 23:32:32

Ds is a member and I had forgotten all about it until this thread. He pestered me to buy him the passport, which you are supposed to get stamped at extra-curricular activities. Non of his clubs participate in it so despite doing 3 sports, an instrument and a language outside of school he doesn't get any 'credit' for it. You can also get stamps on days out to tourist attractions. I don't like the idea of doing things to get a stamp in a passport to get a certificate at a university. I think learning to swim is the reward for going to swim club, being able to play the piano is the reward for going to your piano lessons and it should be incentive enough and if its not then is probably a good idea to do something else instead.

megcleary Fri 28-Feb-14 17:01:47

Resurrecting a dead thread to see if anyone's school still doing this. Ours had a big thing on it today.

ThreeBeeOneGee Fri 28-Feb-14 17:09:13

Yes, they do this at my children's school. They did a pilot first, which DS3 was on. There was a 'graduation' in the summer term that DS3 really enjoyed, it was a hugely positive experience for him. DD has now joined too. They have tried new things that they might not have tried otherwise.

If your children are already signed up, my tip would be to make sure you (or they) they keep their online passport up to date, as that's what our local CU uses when working out which award each child has earned.

lljkk Fri 28-Feb-14 19:34:57

Our school did a huge push on it, huge song & dance, lots of letters.
I thought it was something to do with getting recognition for participation in exC activities.
exC activities can cost quite a bit of money & mean me running around and less MNing.

Youngest DS is bit of a homebody, not bothered.
Older DS gets kicked out of any club he tries.
So not really any point.

auntpetunia Fri 28-Feb-14 21:07:31

my kids high school is a hub for the local primary schools my DD graduated last year with a gold level of credits. she tried pottery, fencing and judo.

my school has started running it and our kids do a range of clubs from dance and football to art and cookery. kids enjoy the clubs and get credits for regular attendance.

Adikia Sat 01-Mar-14 01:49:17

My little brother and sister both graduated in 2011, I went on a fantastic water colour course with my little sister as one of her activities and a pottery course with my brother, both held at a local secondary school over 3 days in the holidays, there was also some cooking and science courses.

Other even littler brother and sister and DS are involved atm and have done an IT project at the local grammar and a sports project with another local secondary, some craft stuff and some music sessions. All 5 have really enjoyed it.

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