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First timer needs help with the very basics for primary admissions please

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cheeseycharlie Wed 19-Oct-11 10:06:34

Can someone tell me where to go to find out when, where and how to go about sorting out childrens' primary school places for state schools? I am guessing there is some great ofsted or webpage with all the info as a step by step, but I can't easily find it on Google and I just don't know when I am meant to get organized about it all and actually register for places.

Eldest is 2.5 yrs, ie born March 2009

mummytime Wed 19-Oct-11 10:18:22

Contact your LA, you can search them on google (it will probably be your County or London Borough). They will have information on how to apply etc. Ofsted also has a nice search facility, listing schools with distance from your post code. Then talk to people and visit schools.

beesknobblyknees Wed 19-Oct-11 10:19:49

Try your local council's website. They will have admissions info on there and a list of school's for your catchment. You can then look on Ofsted for the gradings - but I'd probably go to the school's websites and find out when their open days are and go and have a look. Ofsted is a good guide but seeing the school in action is IMO more important.

prh47bridge Wed 19-Oct-11 11:02:51

Your eldest will start school in September 2013 at the age of 4.5. You will be able to apply for a place around this time next year and must get your application in by 15th January 2013. You apply to your local authority regardless of which school you want your child to attend. You will be able to list at least three preferences but there is no guarantee you will get one of your preferences - that depends on how many other people want a place at that school and where you come in the school's admission criteria (which decide who gets places if the school is oversubscribed). If you don't get a place at one of your preferred schools they will allocate a place elsewhere.

If you look on your local authority's website you will find details of how to apply for places next year and how admissions work. There may be some changes before you need to apply but the system is likely to be broadly the same.

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