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Brother/Sister coming to play dynamics

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redskyatnight Mon 17-Oct-11 10:37:28

Last year DD has a good friend. DS also had a good friend. By happy chance these 2 good friends were sister and brother so we tended to invite them both over to play at the same time (and the other mum had my 2 back at the same time) - everyone happy.

This year DD is still good friends with the girl, but DS is not really friends with the boy anymore - they've not fallen out or anything, they are simply now in different friendship groups in different classes and their paths don't really cross.

DD wants her friend to come to play over half term. I'm not sure what to do - whether I just invite her and somehow try to explain that her brother is not welcome, or just invite them both regardless on the basis that the boys will probably just plonk themselves down on the Wii and be perfectly fine. Bit torn as I don't want to "force" DS to spend time with someone he doesn't want to, but it would be more convenient if he did grin

(DS is already having a friend of his choice over at half term, so he's not missing out that way)

DeWe Mon 17-Oct-11 11:16:58

I think if your ds would enjoy playing with him then I'd definitely invite him. As they haven't fallen out, it's not going to hurt anyone.

If you think they're going to end up at a loose end together either have something they'd enjoy doing together, or work out a way not to invite without being obvious.

I'd probably invite him though as it sounds like it would be easier all round.

Flyonthewindscreen Mon 17-Oct-11 11:56:42

What does your DS say? Unless he is adamant that the brother and he are not friends anymore and will not have a good time I would invite both. They might hit it off again! My DS/DD have a friendship with a brother/sister duo and it too convenient to let it slide.

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