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sameyeam Thu 06-Oct-11 18:39:17

Any one have any experiences with this private school?

Annelongditton Thu 06-Oct-11 19:44:38

DD has been at SHS juniors for a year.
We moved her because she was very unhappy, was crying all the time and making no progress academically. She has totally transformed and is now a confident, independent girl who is doing very well academically - its like someone waved a magic wand. This is not an uncommon story at SHS, but I can't say why.
When we looked I wasn't happy with the lack of outdoor space, but they are really upping the sport and DD has long spells at their sports grounds twice a week, as well as PE and gymnastics. They are just into planning to upgrade the sports facilities even further with a proper gymnastics centre etc. They have a lot of successful skiers and gymnasts (most of the GB female teams) at the school, and it does inspire the younger girls.
There are very few spaces in the junior school, none in Y3,Y5,Y6 and only 1 I believe in Y4. The school had to open an extra reception class this year under parental sibling pressure because they had 72 applicants for one class entry. The school does not want to repeat this, they have a similar problem with Y2 and they want to get back to single class entry for the infant school.
Numbers have dramitically increased with the introduction of the guaranteed 11+place, with lots of younger siblings being moved in when the elder starts in Y7. One Mother told me that about 450 girls applied for the 70 extra Y7 places! which is why she put her DD2 in at Y4 to guarantee she can go to the same school as her sister.
There is a boys prep but DS goes elsewhere and I know nothing about it, hope this helps.

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