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Is there a NC list of sight words

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Jezabelle Thu 06-Oct-11 18:12:53

My DD is year 1 now, she has been bringing home "tricky words" since last year. These are all non-phonetic words (non-phonetic in terms of what DD has already learned that is). I wondered if anyone could direct me to a National Curriculum list of such words. I have Googled but can't find it!


mrz Thu 06-Oct-11 18:24:27

Jezabelle there is no such thing as non - phonetic words

Jezabelle Thu 06-Oct-11 19:59:41

Thanks mrz, yes, I realise there are very, very few words that are truely non-phonetic. What I was trying to say, (probably badly!) was that the school give her "tricky words" which cannot be decoded with the limited phonics knowledge she has been taught so far. So not, for, it and down would not be sent home, (they learn the "ow" diagraph in yr R), but said, was, they and she would be sent home as "tricky words" (and learned in school too). I try and point out the "non-decodable" part of the word (eg "the "ey" in they makes an "ay" sound").

I like this system and am very pleased that the school don't send home high frequency words that can be decoded with simple phonics as I think this is both a waist of time and discourages the relying on good phonics skills. I wondered whether the sets of words which she is sent home with are listed anywhere or whether it is just my DDs school which has chosen to give out the sets of words which they do. I could just go through the words from the list you have linked and work out which are "tricky words" for my DD.

mrz Thu 06-Oct-11 20:02:50

If you look at page 2 of the document I linked to the "tricky words" are listed for each phase

Jezabelle Thu 06-Oct-11 20:07:50

Doh! Thanks very much. Exactly what I was after.

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