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How long does it take for a Year 1 class to "gell"

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Eveiebaby Tue 13-Sep-11 22:01:21

Dropped DD (just started Yr 1) off into her classroom today and was looking around at the kids sitting on the carpet and just had a feeling - these kids aren't bonding!! Early days I know - it has just been a week and the class teacher (who I have heard it an excellent teacher) was occupied with one child who wasn't settling very well.
The class is roughly a three way split from last years classes so 3 x 10 children from each of last years three classes.
I didn't notice anything like this last year in the reception class or even the nursery beforehand so just wondering if hitting it off together takes longer the older they get iyswim? It is my PFB smile so not had any experience of how things might pan out over the long term.

annh Tue 13-Sep-11 22:33:29

Yes, you do sound a bit PFB ish! They have been back at school for a week or less. How long were you hanging around to notice this lack of bonding? What does your dd say about her day?

Eveiebaby Tue 13-Sep-11 22:44:33

I was probably in the classroom for about five minutes talking to DD's LSA (DD has additional needs). DD can tell me about her day - if she feels like it smile. I guess I am thinking that DD's class last year seemed fine (obvioulsy not though as they had to split the classes). It's just that the kids seem so solemn but I guess they are all adjusting and it does take time hence my question where I was hoping someone could give me some useful advice.

jennifersofia Tue 13-Sep-11 22:56:43

Personally I would say about a term. But it happens in degrees.

TeamEdward Tue 13-Sep-11 22:59:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Eveiebaby Wed 14-Sep-11 10:36:00

Thanks everyone - yes I'm sure things will work out fine over time - not sure what I was thinking yesterday when I posted!

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