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Dont you just love when they go back to school?

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nametapes Wed 07-Sep-11 15:33:28

I do.
My youngest is 11 yrs this week and in year 6 and he has had 8 weeks hols. My older two children are grown up and going though Uni.
Boy, am i happy now he is back at school and busily occupied . No mess in the house, no cooking all day, no moaning"Im so bored, and I dont want to come out with you!"
I love him to bits, am proud of him, and enjoy taking him out and being with him, but really........8 weeks is too too long.
Any thoughts? Are you happy your children are back or do you miss them terribly?

newtermnewname Wed 07-Sep-11 16:30:57

Counting down the hours here, nametapes! I love them dearly and we have fun together as a family (on the whole) but we all need the routine. I suppose I am lucky in that all of mine enjoy school and are motivated to learn, i perhaps I wouldn't be so glad to wave them off if school was traumatic.

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