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change of area - worried re making friends

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givemeaclue Sun 14-Aug-11 15:58:49

we're moving out of the area we live in due to schools lack of places where we are. we've found a nice house near an outstanding primary school which we are confident we would get into.

feel really sad to be leaving our area and that my children wont be going to school with other children that they know, many of whom we've been friends with since ante-natal days. However, they are very sociable and will make new friends. My concern is more for me, I have a great group of friends here and I'll miss out on the impromptu 'lets go to the park after school' so concerned will drift away from current friend-group and I'm worried that the friendship groups at new school will already be established by the parents through ante natal/post natal/nursery etc and that I'll be out on a limb

has anyone else moved at this stage? any advice? Am I worrying over nothing?

Anifrangapani Sun 14-Aug-11 16:04:44

We moved area when dd was 5 and a bit, ds was 2 and a bit. I made loads of friends at the school gate, toddlers, running club, going out, friends of new friends, work, standing for parish council .... just be friendly and approachable.

treas Mon 15-Aug-11 18:11:11

My dd went to a nearby village school where she knew no-one and as her mother I also didn't know anyone.

However, I soon got to meet mums and dads at the school gate as well as through school cake sales etc.

You'll be surprised at what a smile on the face can achieve rather than a frown when waiting for your child to come out of class.

givemeaclue Tue 16-Aug-11 16:20:30

Oh yes I absolutely was not planning on frowning

Can I ask you alll, the new friends that you have made, are they people that you see independently of your children - would you go to the cinema/pub/drinks with them child free to socialise or is it just meeting up with children?


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