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Raynes Park Local Schools Help!!

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LBCStevely Fri 15-Jul-11 15:15:58

I'm new to the area and my 3-year old daughter will be starting primary school in September (and possibly nursery this September). I'm looking at both state schools and independent schools. We live nearest Hillcross and West Wimbledon Primaries which both got outstanding ofsteds but I'm concerned about the large class sizes for my daughter who takes a while to adapt to new surroundings. Nearby-enough private schools are The Rowans School, The Study School and Westbury House School. Anybody have experience with any of these schools?! The cost of going private is a big consideration but I want to give her the best start I can like any other parent. Please help!!!!

LBCStevely Fri 15-Jul-11 15:54:21

I should add above that I recently visited Hillcross and it seemed lovely and the staff were very helpful... but the lady I spoke to said they will be taking 90 children for the Sept '12 reception intake. They children will be separated into 4 base classrooms which all interconnect so the children can roam from room to room. That is a lot of children!

pollmeister Thu 04-Aug-11 14:41:07

Hi my daughter went to West Wimbledon nursery (she loved it) and although its the nearest for me walking distance (10 min walk) we didnt get in to the primary school (I was gutted)- and we are still WAY down the list. I think its become the most popular in the area - half the places went to siblings too. My daughter is going to go to Hillcross now - not ideal for me because I will have to drive - but since its "outstanding" Offstead report Im happy to give it a chance....

Maarias Wed 10-Aug-11 21:33:36

A lot of children from Raynes Park area attend Wimbledon Chase, so might be worth considering. I know one mum who moved her little girl from Hillcross to WC, despite the outstanding ofsted.
With Rowans and many other privates bear in mind that they already have waiting lists for reception years in advance, so best to check with them first (asap I would say).

IndigoBell Wed 10-Aug-11 21:40:26

90 children in 4 rooms sounds really good! That means only 23 kid per class! I'm very jealous. (Or did you mean 3 classrooms?)

I suspect they'll spend most of their time with those 23 kids and find a few good friends and she'll be fine....

Kids are very adaptable.....

Maarias Thu 11-Aug-11 14:06:52

not if it's interconnecting doors....that's over 90kids roaming free! I'm not a big fan of that whole free-roaming thing...

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